Within your pedagogical program ‘Spectator School‘, The National Dramatic Center offers the possibility of knowing the two venues in which it operates, the María Guerrero Theater and the Valle-Inclán Theater.

The guided tours of the CDN aim to bring the world of theater closer to the educational community explaining all the facets of a staging, in addition to showing the artistic and cultural heritage of its two buildings: the María Guerrero Theater, which was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1996 and the Valle-Inclán Theater, which received the 2007 National Architecture Award.

The tour lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes. It offers a historical synthesis of the venue and shows both the public area and the stage or technical area of ​​the theater, thus trying to publicize all the professions that are developed around a theatrical function.

These visits are specially designed for groups of schoolchildren – mainly from the last ESO and Bachelor courses – and constitute a valuable experience to broaden knowledge and foster interest in the performing arts culture in the youth audience, in addition to giving them Know the architecture of a theater and the professions associated with the scene.

Guided tours are free and are reserved at the beginning of each season. Thus, every year an average of 200 groups pass through our headquarters between September and July, which means around 4,500 students, many of whom have their first contact with the theater directly through this experience. 80% of those who visit us are groups of educational centers, secondary schools, high schools, professional modules and universities. The rest are cultural associations.

This week we will receive at the María Guerrero Theater the visit of two groups, from the Colegio Liceo San Pablo in Madrid.

We want to thank the school community for the magnificent reception of this initiative throughout all its editions.

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