You deserve a promotion. Your effort and dedication have been very important for your work and it is time for your great contribution to be recognized. But the ascent does not arrive, and you keep waiting … and it does not arrive. Stop waiting! The time has come to be proactive and take the reins so that the desired promotion becomes a reality. In this article we leave you 10 keys to ascend with 10 books that will help you get it:


Visualize your goal. Having clear objectives and a method to achieve them are a necessary condition to reach the ascent. If you know where your work path is going and visualize how to go through it, you already have almost all the work done.

With Super powers of success for normal people from Mago More you will get everything you set out to do – yes, "working like a bastard".


Have the right mentality. The frenzy of meetings, the accumulated stress of everyday life and a routine that can be turned against you are some of the obstacles that do not allow you to advance professionally.

To stay calm, combat stress and have a more realistic perception of what surrounds you, we recommend Mindfulness by Mario Alonso Puig. Take a breath!


Do not succumb to fear. You know where your goal is and you have the tools to combat everything that crosses your path but … and fear? To continue forward, we must free ourselves from this undesirable work partner that paralyzes us and does not let us see beyond the anxiety that generates us.

No fear is the brave book of Pilar Jericó that will take away your fears at work and outside of it.


Be assertive. Learning to negotiate, reach agreements and understand what to do if the other party is more powerful are just some of the teachings that it offers Get the yes by William Ury, Roger Fisher and Bruce Patton.

With this global reference, you will learn to resolve conflicts and obtain the yes What are you looking for?


Have confidence and positive attitude. Believe in yourself. Rut Nieves offers you a book to grow and transform your life learning to be who you are and to use that knowledge in your favor.

Connecting with your essence will give you the confidence you need to impress your boss and – even more importantly – achieve your well-being.


Be decisive and flexible. One of the competitive challenges of the world of work is the changing panorama to which we are exposed. Knowing how to navigate in the digital era is key to not drowning in stagnation.

With The world changes, and you? Eva Collado Durán, you will learn how to live in change and you will know how to combine your personal skills with the tools that the digital world offers you.


Be innovative. Innovate It is a term that many believe belongs only to relevant leaders and people. Nothing is further from reality.

With this action manifesto of Luis Perez-Breva, director of the famous MIT Innovation Teams program, you will see that innovation is not synonymous with doing something groundbreaking, but acting and, above all, practicing a lot.


Expands knowledge and skills. Smart people are those who learn from others. In the book Learning from the best, Francisco Alcaide Hernández, you can read reflections and advice from characters like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Dale Carnegie.

With them and many others you will learn what brought them to the top and how you can be the next to achieve it.


Make networking. Socially related is important to reach success and with The networking book, from Cipri Quintas Tomé, you will not only learn the keys to developing good social relationships but, with them, you will also see how to enrich yourself emotionally and economically.


If you do not get it, change jobs. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, at that moment there is no possible vacancy or you have simply reached the ceiling where you are and your work does not fill you personally or professionally.

If this is your case, forget about the promotion and learn to reinvent yourself professionally with Reinvent your career in 100 days of Maite Piera.

There's nothing like being motivated again to have a fuller working life.

And remember what they say: choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a day of your life. Until then, to give him cane!

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