Mafia coup called "dellaMagliana band" operating in Europe

In the “Ingenere” operation, 38 people have been arrested who are allegedly charged with crimes of illicit play, money laundering and extortion

It has been developed in Spain, Italy and Austria, in a simultaneous performance by the Civil Guard, the Tax Agency, the Italian Carabinieri Weapon and the Austrian Police

The head of the organization, investigated in Spain and Italy, is also associated with several homicides and murders in the 80s and 90s

Two of the detainees were seated in Barcelona and the Canary Islands

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency in collaboration with the Italian Carabinieri Weapon and the Austrian Police, in a joint operation coordinated by the Italian judicial authorities in Rome specializing in the fight against the Mafia, have carried out the “Ingenere” operation in which 38 people belonging to the mafia called “Banda dellaMagliana” have been arrested. 37 properties and 19 companies have been bagged and seized for an approximate total value of 14 million euros. Numerous vehicles and bank accounts have also been intervened.

The arrests made in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura have been carried out in execution of European Detention and Delivery Orders (OEDE).

Banda dellaMagliana

The operation "Jackpot" developed by the Carabinieri in Italy allowed to identify a criminal organization of mafia court, called the "Banda dellaMagliana" dedicated to telematic fraud and scam mainly through illegal play, money laundering and extortion, among other crimes. The Italian, Salvatore Nicitra, currently in prison, was the leader of this gang gang and is considered a high value target (HVT) within this type of crime along with Francesco Inguanta and Rosario Zarbo.
This criminal organization had been done illegally with the control of the gaming sector in Italy through the management and supply of gaming machines, use of illegal software, as well as online gaming. As a result of these and other activities, great economic benefits were generated that were used for the granting of credits and loans that were subsequently charged to their victims through extortion.
Part of the criminal organization linked to Nicitra had specialized in designing and launching a complex business network at European level through which they introduced this money into the legal economic flow by simulating legal commercial relations also linked to the gaming sector. Thus they tried to avoid possible controls and the application of measures to prevent money laundering.
At the end of 2018, Civil Guard agents initiated an investigation into Salvatore Nicitra and other individuals related to it in order to clarify the illegal activities committed in our country and the framework established for it.
Nicitra excabecilla of the "Banda dellaMagliana" made constant trips between Spain and Italy, thus managing the activities of the mafia organization he led. He had made significant real estate investments in the Canary Islands, the result of the economic revenue generated by the illegal activities of this band.
These investigations have clarified a series of homicides and assassination attempts between the 80s and 90s, such as the murder of the Belardinelli brothers, whose authorship is closely related to Nicitra and his criminal organization.
Due to the complex economic framework and the international investigation measures, a joint investigation team was established between the Civil Guard and the Special Delegation of the Tax Agency in the Canary Islands.
Thus, in the middle of 2018, a joint investigation team was established between the Civil Guard Command in Las Palmas and the Special Delegation of the Tax Agency in the Canary Islands, which made available to that team joint officials of the Regional Unit of Collection of the Canary Islands specialized in the study of companies and officials of the Regional Customs Surveillance Area experts in money laundering, who have cleared the commercial and corporate traffic created with the intention of laundering money with illicit origin in Italy.
In this way, and under the competent judicial instruction, at the end of 2019, precautionary intervention has been carried out both on important personal property, as well as on various current accounts managed by the alleged criminal organization on the island of Fuerteventura.


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