• The PP spokesman says there is no government, "only the photo of two losers who needed to hug"

The spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, said that "the only scenario Mr. Sánchez is on the table is a Frankenstein Government, with Iglesias in a vice-presidency."

During an interview in the program The mornings of RNE, the spokesman of the PP has assured that Sanchez and the PSOE "have made it clear" that they do not want to speak with the Popular Party and have reiterated their "is not no".

Maroto has explained that today the "facts are clear, there is no government, only the photo of two losers who needed to hug" to silence criticism of their electoral failure. "The PSOE and Unidos Podemos do not have a sufficient majority to form a government," he said.

Likewise, he has highlighted the “hard” personal relationship of Sánchez and Iglesias during the last months, recalling phrases of the president in functions such as I would not leave my house keys to Pablo Iglesias or I would not sleep peacefully with Podemos in the Government. "It is unthinkable that in an hour of meeting they will forget everything and embrace."

The spokesman for the popular in the Senate has insisted that "Mr. Sánchez does not have enough votes to launch a government, but announces two vice-presidencies." Regarding the possible entry of Alberto Garzón into the Government, Maroto has said that it is to open the door to the communist party, "party that left Eastern Europe shielded."

On the other hand, he recalled that Sanchez has made sure to change the Statutes of the socialist party so as not to need the support of the Federal Committee to the measures he wants to take and thus "now he does what he wants."

Maroto has announced that the Popular Party “will never support a government with Pablo Iglesias in a vice presidency. This option is not on the table, ”he stressed. In addition, he has denounced the “transvestism” of Sánchez who, in his opinion, “is allergic to having a moderate government”, although during the election campaign he wanted to convey a message of moderation.

In addition, he has reproached Pedro Sánchez for his "pride", since "for the first time in the history of democracy" an acting president does not pick up the telephone to the head of the opposition on election night, "not even to receive congratulations for its result. "

The spokesman of the PP has lamented that the forces of the right center were not together to the elections, because "if we had gone together we would have had 178 seats" in the Congress of Deputies and "unfortunately for Spain today we would not be talking about a Frankenstein Government" .

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