He accuses Sanchez of having given “the bear hug” to communism and of agreeing with an escape from Justice and a convict who is in jail “dynamiting the constitutional system”

  • He denounces that Junqueras has already said today in an interview what they are agreeing with Sánchez: a self-determination, an amnesty and a dialogue table in which it is accepted that in Catalonia there is a political conflict
  • Ensures that the problem of Spain is Pedro Sánchez and that "if it fails, you must resign"
  • He reiterates that the PP is not going to be an accomplice of a president who "is lethal to Spain" and is agreeing with those who want to break it. "We are the alternative and from the opposition we will propose State pacts to get our country forward," he says
  • Bet on a government that defends the unity of Spain and national sovereignty and does not agree with the extremes that want to break our country because it is a “democratic anomaly”
  • Note that Sanchez has the opportunity not to agree with ERC and seek the complicity of Citizens. "Possibilities have, but do not want," he says
  • He believes that given the problem of “broken coexistence” in Catalonia with politicians who break the law and who use the institutions to continue “on their insatiable path”, the only path is the law
  • He affirms that the EPP does not agree with the United Kingdom's exit from the EU but that, after Boris Jonhson's victory, the exit must be “ordered and with agreement” safeguarding the interests of the Europeans who live there

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