The candidate for reelection as a national deputy for the Popular Party of Cantabria, Diego Movellán, highlighted today the PP's commitment to our autonomous community and, in contrast, has ensured that the region owes nothing to Pedro Sánchez or the Socialists

Movellán has stressed that while with the governments of the PP Cantabria progressed, it grew above the national average and the commitments were reflected in the state budgets, with Pedro Sánchez and the socialists the community lost opportunities for the future, lost employment, growth and infrastructure .

With the Government of Pedro Sánchez, Cantabria has once again become an autonomous community of the second, said the PP candidate who has regretted that yesterday, Monday, the Socialists subjected the region to a horrifying, by sending Pedro Sánchez to the minister of Health to take pictures vaccinating against the flu, instead of committing to the funding we claim the Cantabrian for Valdecilla.

In addition, Movellán has asked the Minister of Health not to lie, because while the Popular Party has invested 286 million euros in Valdecilla, socialist governments have not contributed a single euro.

In Movellán's opinion, with a region that bleeds with the policies of the candidate and acting president, it is the Cantabrians who have to be vaccinated against Sánchez and the socialists, because their policies only bring unemployment and lost opportunities for Cantabria.

Faced with this, Movellán has indicated that the real opportunities for the future for Cantabria are the commitments that the Popular Party governments have already set in motion, which they have described as a true investment agenda paralyzed or slowed down by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, while in Cantabria socialists and regionalists are silent.

Some are silent and others applaud this abandonment to our autonomous community, added Movellán, who recalled that the money has not arrived to deal with the damage caused by the floods, but they have come to take away the right to capture water from the swamp of the Ebro when needed.

For Movellán, while these breaches and grievances with Cantabria occur, we see a Regionalist Party applauding, we see a deputy, 124 of the Socialist Party, in reference to the regionalist José María Mazón, who has done nothing for Cantabria in these months, in those who have not even come to present an initiative.

Finally, the PP candidate has asked what Pedro Sánchez is going to say today to the Cantabrians, what he is going to promise them when the facts say that for the Socialist Party and for Pedro Sánchez Cantabria himself does not count.

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