04-01-2020 | cs

The orange leader affirms that the separatist groups 'do not stop smearing the Parlament' and asks 'to call elections to end this theater'

"Mr. Torra, come back to reality, you are no longer president and it is time to leave behind the black stage of cés procés’. " This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, to the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, in the plenary of the Parliament. Roldan has affirmed that Torra and the separatist groups "have long believed themselves to be owners of Catalonia when they are not" and has asked that "it is already well to ignore more than half of Catalans." He pointed out that the Catalan executive "neither governs nor does anything" and has labeled "shame" that Parliament has opened "only to talk about the privileges of Torra and the 'procés'" instead of "talking about poverty, barracks or waiting lists. "

Roldan has said that "Torra is borrowed from the Generalitat" because "since yesterday he is no longer president as the Central Electoral Board (JEC) has said" and recalled that he himself "was responsible for giving a pulse to the JEC and He pleaded guilty and now criticizes the consequences and conspiracies are invented when from Cs we warn him that he could incur the crime of disobedience. ” "You should set an example, you are not just any deputy, you are the president," he said.

The orange leader has affirmed that the separatist groups “do not stop smearing the Parlament” and has asked “to call elections to end this theater”. "Day after day the separatist groups trample the institutions," he said and added that "they fill their mouths with rights, but then they do not respect the workers of the Parliament."

Finally, the orange deputy has pointed out that "Torra has come to hold on to a position that is great and should never have held" and has lamented that "it is not believed that one of its functions is to ensure rights and freedoms of all Catalans. " "Torra said he was going to continue with the coup to democracy and he has done so during 2019, it is already good to run over our rights," he concluded.

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