Attention, book eater! That time of year has come when you don't need excuses to stay home reading. Because the weather no longer invites you to go out too much. And because you finally have a few days of well-deserved vacations to enjoy what you like the most: special meals, family, lights and, of course, books! ✨📚

So if you have as much desire as we do to experience a #BookChristmas … don't miss this list of trilogies and sagas that will make you even more special these Christmas days.

1) Tetralogy The cemetery of forgotten books

The greatest international success of the contemporary Spanish novel, the tetralogy The Cemetery of forgotten books from Carlos Ruiz Zafon, now comes to us in a luxury case that is quite difficult to resist. 🤗

Zafón's literary universe has become one of the great phenomena of contemporary letters. And although its author is no longer with us, we want to pay tribute to him as best we can: returning to his work, revisiting his world. In Booket they also make it very easy for us with this edition that includes The wind's shadow, The Angel's Game, The Prisoner of Heaven Y The labyrinth of spirits.

And if you have already immersed yourself in these wonderful stories, we invite you to discover Zafón's latest book: The city of Vapor. What will you find in it? The echo of the great characters and motifs of the novels of The Cemetery of forgotten books in short story format, some of them never published before. The narrator who made us dream like nobody else… is going to make you dream this Christmas.

2) Bevilacqua series

If there is one thing that we like in detective or police series, it is those duets of characters that are like ying and yang, those characters that contradict but complement each other. And of those of us who want to read case after case, no matter how complex and obscure the mission they face. As it happens to us with the saga of the great Lorenzo Silva.

There are many readers who already consider his latest book as 🔝 the best of the entire saga, so we can do nothing but invite you to delve into the case that concerns Bevilacqua and Chamorro in The evil of Corcira.

A middle-aged man appears naked and brutally murdered on a lonely beach in Formentera. According to several testimonies collected by the Civil Guard of the islands, in the previous days he had been seen in the company of different young people in gay clubs in Ibiza. When his bosses call Bevilacqua to take over the investigation and inform him of the peculiarity of the dead, a Basque citizen convicted in his day for collaboration with ETA, the second lieutenant will understand that it is not just another case.

The murky waters of Bevilacqua and Chamorro await you these days.

3) Wild Biology

The Miss Bebi, alias of Bebi Fernández, masters the art of leaving the reader astonished and speechless, wanting to read more and more and to set everything on fire until the outcome is discovered. Bebi Fernández symbolizes the awakening of a savage generation that already has more than 200,000 readers around its titles: Memories of a savage Y Queen, which just went on sale.

Spain, the year 2020. The life of Kassandra Fernández passes between books and attempts to overcome her past, but everything falters when her greatest enemy makes an appearance in the worst possible way, giving rise to a bloody cold war where strategy, criminal businesses and the boundaries between good and evil are blurred, and in which the protagonist will internally debate between revenge and justice, also waging an internal battle where she will have to find out who she really is.

While everything is happening, love and friendship seem to be more difficult to understand than ever. Opening the drawer where she kept the chess pieces won't be easy, but Kassandra Fernández is no longer just a brave young woman in need of knowing her destiny, but a wild woman willing to win the game — or perhaps not.

More than the outcome of a biology, Queen It is a challenge to the whole of society. Will you be able to resist? 😎

4) The Silence of the White City Trilogy

The myths and legends of Álava, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology draw the absorbing plots of this trilogy formed by The silence of the white city (2016), The water rites (2017) and The time lords (2018).

Who signs this trilogy? Well nothing less than Eva García Sáenz de Urturi, winner of the 2020 Planeta Award with Aquitaine and the fascinating story behind the character of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Hers is a life as fascinating as the events that the author tells us in the Trilogy The silence of the white city.

Still don't know what it's about? We will tell you. ✍🏻

The protagonist of these thrillers is the young inspector Unai López de Ayala (alias Kraken), determined to uncover ritual murders that terrorize the city. As it says David Zurdo in What to read: «If you want to enjoy and suffer with a book – enjoy the hypnotically interesting and suffer because you cannot read more quickly – your novel is The silence of the white city».

5) Baztán Series

We continue with this list of essentials that you will not want to stop reading or to catch another polvorón. It's time to talk about one of the literary series that has most hooked readers in recent times, the thriller starring Amaia Salazar and conceived by Dolores Round.

When you can't go to sleep because you're dying to read another chapter, don't say we haven't warned you. 😄

Inspector Amaia Salazar returns to the Baztán Valley, from which she has been fleeing all her life, to investigate the appearance of the corpse of a teenage girl. You will find yourself caught up in a thriller trilogy and a frenetic pace that will make you go through the volumes of The invisible guardian (2013), Legacy in the bones (2013) and Offering to the storm (2014).

And if you fall in love with the protagonist and need to know more, don't miss the last piece of this puzzle: The north face of the heart, a trip to Amaia's past and to the origin of “the composer”.

6) The hidden port series

Maria Oruña it has no readers, it has fans. And it is that his series of books formed by Hidden port (2015), A place to go (2017) and Where we were invincible (2018)– tea it will captivate not to let you go.

In its pages you will discover the story of Oliver, a young Londoner with a peculiar family situation and a sad loss who inherits a colonial house on the Cantabrian coast. During the remodeling works, the corpse of a baby is discovered along with an element that is totally anachronistic. And crimes begin to happen in the area. Thus begins a police investigation that will plunge Oliver into a dense personal journey and a race against time to discover the murderer.

In the following episodes of this series (☝🏼 which by the way can be read in no particular order) new murders and new anachronisms question reality beyond what seems possible, along with new characters who will try to restore peace to the town of Suances .

And if after this wonderful series you still want more, note: The forest of the four winds. In the Galicia of 1830 a woman will face the conventions of her time. New crimes, new mysteries, new characters that will remind you why you are a fan of the police genre.

7) Episodes of an endless war

If it is about granting us readers whims, a mention of an author such as Almudena Grandes. In the cycle of Episodes of an Endless War —which can be read in no particular order— the author takes us to our common past to delve into the stories of its protagonists.

The last installment Frankenstein's mother is perhaps the most intense and emotional novel in the entire series: the gripping tale of a woman and a man who chose to endure in the most difficult times.

In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez returned to Spain to work in the women's asylum in Ciempozuelos. After going into exile in 1939, he has lived in Switzerland for fifteen years, hosted by the family of Dr. Goldstein. In Ciempozuelos, Germán meets again with Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a paranoid parricide, extremely intelligent, who fascinated him at thirteen … and meets a nursing assistant, María Castejón, who rejects him without Germán knowing why, although he suspects that her Mary's life hides many secrets.

As readers we will discover her modest origins as the granddaughter of the asylum gardener, her years as a maid in Madrid, her unhappy love story, as well as the reasons why Germán has returned to Spain. María and Germán are two soul mates who want to flee from their respective pasts. Will they get it?

8) The invisible girl trilogy

We interview Blue Jeans on the occasion of the World Day Against Bullying_The invisible girl

Blue jeans, alias Francisco de Paula, is a literary reference and in social networks, where he adds a legion of followers. His trilogy The club of the misunderstood marked a milestone in children's and youth literature. Now he returns with the same talent and more desire if possible to propose a series full of mystery that we will not be able to get rid of.

It all starts with Aurora Ríos, a girl who is invisible to almost everyone. The events of the past have made her isolate herself from the world and that she barely interacts, tired of the inhabitants of that town talking behind her back. One night in May her mother does not find her at home when she returns from work. Aurora will appear dead the next morning in her high school locker room, with a blow to the head and a compass that someone has left next to her body. Julia Plaza, her classmate, will become obsessed with discovering who is behind the crime.

The trilogy is made up of volumes The invisible girl (2018), The crystal puzzle (2019) and Julia's promise, which was published this year. Get hooked on this thriller and discover why Blue Jeans has thousands of readers around the world.

9) Saga I, Julia

Two proper names push us to include this saga in the readings that you cannot miss between Christmas carol and Christmas carol. One is that of Santiago Posteguillo, winner of the 2018 Planeta Prize with the book that we present to you. The other name that you should keep in mind is Julia Domna, the magnetic protagonist of his books.

192 AD Several men fight for an empire, but Julia, daughter of kings, mother of Caesars and wife of emperor, thinks of something more ambitious: a dynasty. Amidst tensions and conspiracies, a fire ravages the city of Rome. Is it a disaster or an opportunity? Five men prepare to fight to the death for power. They think the game is about to begin. But for Julia the game has already started. He knows that only a woman can forge a dynasty: Me, Julia.

And Julia challenged the gods (2020) is the second part of this wonderful historical novel and represents an even greater challenge for our protagonist: when the enemy is your own son… is there victory?

10) The Millennium phenomenon

And the time has come to shoot the adrenaline with one of the essential sagas of recent years, with a brutal protagonist who sticks to the reader's skin and does not abandon him. We speak of course about Lisbeth Salander. Because this literary series has become an international phenomenon, adding 100 million readers who would like to start this adventure again.

Family conflicts, crime, sexual perversions and financial traps are some of the elements that come together in this unprecedented phenomenon.

Stieg Larsson the plot began in 2015 with Men who did not love women (2015). Then they would follow The girl who dreamed of a match and a can of gasoline (2015) and The queen in the palace of drafts (2015). And after Larsson's death, David Lagercrantz served us the denouement of the story in What does not kill you makes you stronger (2015), The man who chased his shadow (2017) and the long-awaited closure: The girl who lived twice (2019). The The finishing touch to the Swedish thriller phenomenon.

Are you joining us to discover one of the most powerful literary heroines of recent times?

And if every book you sink your teeth into this Christmas fades faster than the pile of sweets at your Christmas Eve dinner, take note and let yourself be accompanied by the best stories to live a #BookChristmas. 💫📚

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