The General State Administration calls the selective processes to cover a total of 8,102 positions in the General State Administration, corresponding to the Public Employment Offer of 2018 and, for some bodies, also to the Public Employment Offer of 2019.

This call represents an increase of 71.5% over the 4,725 places offered in the previous call, which was already one of the most voluminous in recent years.

Free shift: 1,444 places for administrative and 2,029 for auxiliary

In addition to the significant increase in the total number of places, we must highlight the announcement of 1,444 places by the free entry system in the General Administrative Body of the State Administration and 2,029 places in the General Administrative Auxiliary Body of the State Administration .

In these bodies, given the characteristics of the selective processes and in order to meet as soon as possible the urgent needs for the incorporation of new public employees, the places provided for in the Public Employment Offer for 2019 are also accumulated.

This is the first measure adopted, after a multi-year methodology was implemented for the first time this year to optimize the Public Employment Offer and deal with the aging of the workforce, with an average age of 52 years in the General State Administration and with retirement provisions for half of public employees (almost 70,000) in ten years.

Number of applicants that can approach 200,000

With the publication of these calls in the BOE, from the day after its publication, a period of 20 working days is opened for the submission of applications to participate in the different selective processes. The National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) estimates that the number of applications that will be presented will approach 200,000.

This year, in addition, it is the first time that applicants must submit applications for participation in the various selective processes exclusively electronically through the application Registration of Selective Tests (IPS) of the General Access Point.

All the places called today

The call includes 1,081 places (681 free entry and 400 internal promotion) for the Management Body of the State Civil Administration; 3,729 places (2,029 for free entry and 1,700 for internal promotion) for the General Administrative Body of the State and 2,444 places (1,444 for free entry and 1,000 for internal promotion) for the General Auxiliary Corps.

In addition, 358 places were called (218 for free entry and 140 for direct promotion) for the Management Body of Systems and Computing of the State Administration, as well as 490 places (385 for free entry and 105 for internal promotion). the Computer Technician Auxiliary Corps of the State Administration.

Of the total number of places offered, 596 are reserved to cover them by people with disabilities, which also represents an increase of 58.5% over the places called for them the previous year.

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