The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented today a Proposal no of Law to urge the Government to improve in a global way the professional conditions of the officials assigned to the penitentiary bodies. In this sense, it requires urgently increasing their remuneration, so that it is in line with the task they perform, essential for democracy: the reintegration and successful resocialization of prisoners.

The GPP also asks for a Public Employment Offer with an extraordinary replacement rate that allows to fill vacancies. Together with the increase in numbers, it is necessary to guarantee the character of authority agents in the exercise of their functions. Both measures would result in greater safety at work, less aggressions and better benefits, for a more functional prison system.

Proposal no of Law, presented for debate in plenary session, defends adapting the system to the new times, with a professional career within Penitentiary Institutions and with specific training programs more ambitious than the current ones. The GPP remembers that the team with which these public employees work must be in accordance with the dangerous situations that Spanish prisons suffer. In them, according to the Professional Association of Prison Officials, an average of one attack per day is recorded as a result of an injury.

Given the extraordinary importance of their work and the forgetfulness to which the Minister of the Interior has them, the GPP requires the Government to make all these measures effective as soon as possible.

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