The jury has done so after pondering the outstanding qualities and circumstances that characterize the career of this Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports.

De Aguiló has recognized his long and fruitful professional work, for which he represents in the field of Civil Engineering, including the performance of various relevant positions in the public sector: General Director and Deputy Minister of Public Works in the Community of Madrid and, later, president of the Canal de Isabel II, Spanish Shipyards and Iberia. He is currently director of Strategic Policy at the ACS Group. Author and director of numerous projects of bridges and structures, he has won awards such as the National Urbanism Prize or the Medal of Honor of the College of Road Engineers.

In his academic role he is Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), where he succeeded José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez in the Chair of "History and Aesthetics of Civil Engineering" at the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports , where he also taught "Landscape and Environmental Engineering" and is part of the Cultural Landscapes Research Group of the UPM.

In addition, he is the author or co-author of more than 60 books, of 38 chapters in joint publications and more than 65 articles in national and international journals of the sector, since 1974. Among his publications are: What does it mean to build; Form and type in the art of building bridges; The built landscape; 10 volumes of the Collection of ACS architecture and engineering works on dams, ports, roads, electricity, bridges, unique buildings, walkways, high speed and roofs, plus a synthesis on the Legacy of the built; 6 volumes dedicated to Madrid, New York, Berlin, Sydney, London and San Francisco in the ACS Collection of cities. He has also delivered more than 130 conferences and participated in more than 30 round tables.

On the other hand, he is President of the Public Works Magazine, Patron of the Caminos Foundation, Director of the Think Hub Caminos created by order of said foundation, President-founder of the Miguel Aguiló Foundation since December 2009, whose purposes are research, development, innovation, training and dissemination of civil engineering, architecture and related construction disciplines, especially in relation to its aesthetics, history and landscape (

It has been considered, for all this, that Miguel Aguiló Alonso stands out notably with the characteristics of the call and it is worth highlighting his long career, both in the professional and academic fields and meets the sufficient merits to be awarded this award from the Ministry of Promotion.

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