Carlos Rodrigo, Spokesperson for VOX in the Zaragoza Provincial Council, has denounced in the Plaza de España in Zaragoza the "waste" of the subsidies provided by this Administration "to its social-communist beach bars." Julio Calvo, President of the Provincial Executive Committee of VOX, has supported Carlos Rodrigo's complaint. "Because he wants better services for our municipalities, starting with the one I represent," he stated.

At the event a banner with the slogan «VOX DPZ WITH THE PEOPLES, DPZ GRANTS WASTE«. Members of the CEP, such as Eva María Torres and Marisa Gaspar, have also participated in the event. That has coincided with the VOX Informative Table to publicize the party's political proposals.

Report in detail

There, Carlos Rodrigo has listed all the "chiringuitos" to which most of "a budget hijacked because the President of the DPZ, Mr. Sánchez Quero, does not let us see it is destined." These are none other than “unnecessary theaters and museums, very expensive speakers, partisan concerts, payment of good salaries, subsidies to the press, to gender violence associations and historical memory. And a long etcetera that avoids all the necessary aid against COVID 19 and its negative economic consequence ”, the provincial deputy concluded.

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