The VOX Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Courts has presented a PNL (Non-Law Proposition) with the aim of activate the construction sector. To this end, a series of measures is called for, among which stands out the reduction of VAT to 4% for the purchase of the first home, in such a way that the purchase of housing is promoted and access is facilitated both to young people who wish to emancipate themselves, as well as to families who cannot own a home.

The deputy from VOX, Miguel Pascual has explained that "Keep in mind that the declaration of the state of alarm on March 14 has led to the worst economic crisis in Spain since the Civil War. Many fundamental sectors of the economy (tourism, industry, commerce, consumption…) have come to a standstill and those that have not stopped have reduced their activity substantially. In this context of economic crisis, the construction sector can be an engine that serves to boost the Spanish economy, but measures must be considered and come out of the complacency and current inaction ”.

For this reason, VOX urges the Consell to take the following measures, (in addition to reducing VAT on the purchase of the first home):

Promote the simplification of procedures in obtaining licenses with the aim of stimulating the construction of housing.

Eliminate pressure measurements with respect to empty houses that may involve an impairment of the property right recognized in article 33 of the Constitution. Further 70% of the empty houses are in localities with less than 100,000 inhabitants. In other words, any kind of coercive measure in relation to empty houses is not only not going to help the market, but it would be counterproductive, since it would favor the population decline in the most depopulated areas.

Promote policies that increase the productivity of the sector by establishing collaboration between the Public Administration and private entities, as well as the reduction of production costs to achieve the objective of producing newly built housing at affordable prices.

Promote the flexibility, reduction and improvement of procedures and administrative burdens in relation to housing construction to establish a less rigid and interventionist environment.

Promote the digitization and application of new technologies for the processing of licenses in order to reduce administrative deadlines and increase the effectiveness of the system, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Reduce the existing tax burden on a staple good as is the house.

And Increase investment destined to the construction of housing of official protection.

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