• He stresses that Seville “is a paradise for squatters, being the fourth Spanish province with the highest number of cases, after Barcelona, ​​Gerona and Madrid.

  • It highlights “the impudence of the new squatters who are not needy people. Now they wear designer clothes, use new generation cell phones, drive good cars and have lawyers who defend them and a government that protects them "

Seville, August 21, 2020. The national deputy of VOX for Seville, Reyes Romero, has claimed this Friday to the subdelegate of the Government in the province of Seville that "take seriously the problem of the occupation of houses in the province of Seville and dismantle the mafia that controls this illegal activity in the province ”.

Romero stated that “Seville has become, together with Barcelona, ​​Gerona and Madrid, a paradise for squatters as well reflected by the statistics of illegal occupations of real estate in the first half of the year, with 422 homes that have been usurped from their rightful owners ”.

The also vice president of Social Affairs of VOX has regretted that “squatters have an ally with this government and take advantage of it, which explains the qualitative leap that we are appreciating in new occupations, where we see the impudence with which criminals confront the owners and the State Security Forces and Bodies ”.

“The new squatters are far removed from the image of needy and helpless families or people. Now they are people who wear designer clothes, use new generation mobile phones, drive good vehicles and have lawyers who defend them, while in the Government they have the PSOE and Podemos who protect them. The question we ask ourselves at this point is if there is someone who defends the rightful owner of the houses ”.

Reyes Romero has assured that “The Spanish case is being discussed and analyzed throughout the world, as an example of legal insecurity regarding the right to private property and as a symptom of a sick society and a clearly improvable political class. All left-wing political parties that have or have had the possibility to legislate in this regard, including the PP, they have not wanted to modify the laws to avoid a criminal phenomenon that has gotten out of hand ”.

“The occupation of houses hides a social, political and legal problem of great importance and its solution goes through quick, immediate and forceful decisions.. It will be one of the first policies we adopt when Spaniards place their trust in VOX to govern. In this regard, we have been running an anti-squatting campaign in Seville all summer with good results ”.

The national deputy of VOX has asserted that "useful politics, politics at the service of citizens, is demonstrated with this VOX campaign because, after gathering information on occupied housing and the profile of criminals, we get going, we go to the occupied houses, we walked around with the owners and the neighbors and We exert enough pressure for the squatters to leave. We have achieved it in Espartinas, Gines, Coria del Río, Camas, Seville … and we will continue this way throughout the province, defending private property and the rights of citizens in the face of a delusional criminal code, judges who are concerned with other things, and State Security Forces and Corps that limit themselves to following orders ”, it is finished.

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