• It maintains that Juan Espadas "should have asked to make a voluntary declaration to favor the action of Justice and clarify the case of the alleged theft of more than one million euros of public money"

Seville, November 18, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council has regretted the decision of the Third Chamber of the Provincial Court of Seville of reject the appeal filed by this Group against the decision of the head of the Court of Instruction 14 of Seville that considered The statement in court by Mayor Juan Espadas in relation to the case of the alleged embezzlement of the municipal cleaning company Lipasam is unnecessary.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Cristina Peláez, has asserted that “We consider the mayor's witness evidence key to clarifying this alleged theft of public money of the City of Seville; Although the judicial resolution is in accordance with the law, but emphasizes that all this without prejudice to depending on the development of the research and exposed to the Court by the proposing party the specific reasons why the test is requested, may determine a change of criteria by the court in the future«.

"The mayor of Seville should be the first interested in clarifying everything that happened in Lipasam, which is not a small thing because we are talking about a minimum of one million euros that have been allegedly stolen and not yet recovered. In our opinion should anticipate a foreseeable change of criteria of the Court and go to testify, as we understand that you should have been the first to request your voluntary declaration to favor the action of Justice and clarify this unfortunate matter as soon as possible, regardless of the political responsibilities that we continue to demand due to this scandal ”.

Peláez has added that “he who hides nothing should fear nothingTherefore, if the mayor of Seville and head of the municipal company Lipasam does not know anything that could harm him or third parties, probably with his testimony he could facilitate an investigation that in our opinion he has many open fronts and many unanswered questions ", it is finished.

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