• Vox Lebrija demands a tightening of the law to be able to stop, once and for all, the constant looting to which farmers are exposed

Seville, August 12, 2020. The VOX coordinator in Lebrija, Antonio Jimenez, has demanded “The toughening of the laws in the face of impunity with which different organized gangs in the province of Seville act, dedicated to the looting of cultivated fields as well as agricultural material”.

Jiménez has stressed that it is a situation that they have been suffering for years and whose "Modus operandi" it is always the same. "They loot the fields where you are about to collect those seasonal products that at that time reach a good price in the market, like watermelons or peppers, and they fill vans with these products whose destination is the black market " Although the crops are not the only objective, "They also destroy all kinds of agricultural material such as machinery or fuel."

From Vox Lebrija “we support farmers in this fruitless and desperate fight which has led many of them to give up when sowing crops before the sad end that is constantly repeated: “the theft of their crops in broad daylight and even in the face of the stunned presence of the farm workers themselves, who are threatened by thieves if they delegate them.

The Vox coordinator in Lebrija demands “a change in the laws, which toughen the penalties for this type of crime to eradicate once and for all impunity with the campaign for thieves on other people's property and that leave the farmer completely unprotected ”.

Jimenez has highlighted that the bands themselves know “The“ ridiculous ”current law by which they cannot be punished if the theft does not exceed 500 euros, something that those gangs know perfectly well and that is why in each looting they try not to exceed this amount in case they were arrested ”.

Vox Lebrija wants to emphasize that “He will always be by the worker's side and will support the farmers who see before their eyes how their fields are permanently plundered and within minutes the effort and work involved in their land is taken away by organized gangs who act knowing that the law does not protect victims. Jiménez has highlighted that "We will fight alongside this sector and we will not give up our efforts until we get farmers to have the protection they need" it is finished.

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