Through the VOX territorial manager, Remigio Díaz Martínez, the five provinces of Castilla-La Mancha, have coordinated support for local police officers in that community so that they are considered essential and are carried out, together with health and Residential employees, the PCR tests for the detection of Coronavirus.
VOX regrets that the sector as a whole has not been considered as a priority risk group for performing PCR, as well as the staff of residences and health centers.
The Regional Government has not kept its word, since on April 11 it assured that the local police, among other groups, were going to carry out the tests, "testing their members for symptoms, as well as those who to date they had not been tested ”, the vast majority.
VOX joins the feeling of abandonment of the Local Police of Castilla-La Mancha because the evidence in the body is being insufficient and not all the members are being tested, knowing that it is a body that continues at the foot of the citizen day by day, attending including emergencies to which toilets go for cases of Covid 19.
It is true, as the SPL CLM says that cases with symptoms or positives are being diagnosed and isolated, but other agents who may be asymptomatic who have not been tested for no symptoms have been working with them, and We are covering a risk that may transfer to the population in general, and thus backtrack.
VOX in Castilla-La Mancha supports the claim of the SPL CLM: "Asymptomatic cases are precisely those that present the highest risk of contagion, which is why it is urgent and cannot be postponed to carry out diagnostic tests on all the components of the body."
"This cannot continue like this, the Local Police are currently an unprotected and enormously contagious risk group, for not having taken the measures to find out the real infected in the body, as is logical and necessary, and the virus does not forgive."

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