Zidane: "The team works to be at this level"

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NEWS | 01/08/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Jeddah)

"You have to be happy with the game, but we haven't won anything," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane analyzed the victory of Real Madrid in front of Valencia (1-3) in the press room of the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah: “The team works to be at this level and the good thing is the dynamics it shows in each game. In the press conference yesterday he talked about we had to show our best version and I don't know if we have done it, but we are happy with the game. ”

“I am happy for everyone's performance. It is difficult to highlight one. I'm glad for the goal of Isco, that lately I needed that; the genius of both Kroos and the goal of Modric, that only he has. A coach wants to see that: that his players are well. We have to be happy, but we haven't won anything. Today we have to rest and tomorrow we have to prepare the final ”.

Five midfielders

“You could play with more extreme players, but we chose the option of putting inside to Isco Y Modric to free the sides. It is an offensive lineup, but the most important thing is that we play in the opposite field, pressing up and hurting the opponent. ”

I'm glad for Isco's goal, the genius of both Kroos and Modric's goal, which only he has.

“In the second part we were more vertical. We always look for different things and that's it. Today was like this and the next game may be different. It has been a good game. ”

The incorporation of Bale

“At the moment he is not in condition because he has not trained all week. We have to talk to the doctors, but the important thing is what the players did today and keep the game. ”


“He has played a good game even though he hasn't scored. He has had one and was able to put it in, but he has worked hard. It's not easy when you haven't played for a while, but the important thing is the work he has done. He would surely have liked to score, but the most important thing is his work and that he has given everything. We are a team".

Isco game

"I'm happy for him. It doesn't weigh you at all. Everyone is fine and we try to keep everyone at the same level. We have to continue like this. Every time a player plays he does well and that is the most important thing for a coach. ”

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