Zidane: "We played a good game and improved our game"

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NEWS | 07/24/2019 | Javier García (Washington)

"Marcelo is an exceptional player and I'm glad for what he does," explained the coach.

Zinedine Zidane he valued the second friendly of the preseason against Arsenal at the FedExField of Landover: "We started very well and after a while we lost a player. We continued playing well 10 against 11 and better still 10 against 10. We played a good game and tied in the second part. We are in preparation and we know that we will improve our game a lot. Today we improve it. "

"We are in preparation and it is important to think about the health of the player. We have worked well in Montreal, now we are here playing three games and we are interested in taking care of the player's health and gradually distributing minutes."

Asensio's injury

"We are a little worried. It's the knee, he went immediately to the hospital to do tests and see … But it looks bad. It is the bad thing of the day for us, we lose a player and we are a little touched. We are touched by Framework and hopefully it is as serious as possible. ”


“It's here and I don't know what will happen. Today he played, he wanted to do it and he did it well. He has played a good game and I'm happy for him. Today he wanted to be with us, he trained normally and played. The decisions are mine and played a part. Let's see what will happen. Nothing has changed, you know the situation. He is with us at the moment.

We are touched by Marco and hopefully as little as possible.

"I am happy with Marcelo. He has prepared and looks very involved. I'm glad for what he does. Nothing has changed for me, he is an exceptional player and we will count on him. "

The preseason job

“We are happy with Benzema, with Hazard and with the players we have. Young people are doing well too. We are preparing the season. Some have had more minutes today and it's the idea of ​​the three games we have here. ”


“I have no plan. He is with us, trains and then I have to make teams. He hasn't played yet and we'll see what happens. ”

Will Ceballos sign for Arsenal?

"It has not yet become official. The club is in it and we will see in the next few days."

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