The insured annuities gain ground as a complementary forecasting system. At the end of last June, 29,023 people over 65 years transformed the money made from the sale of some assets (for example, a second home, investment funds, stocks, etc.) in a guaranteed source of income for life. These people took advantage of the tax advantages that were established for this product as a result of the last IRPF reform. These annuities accumulate a volume of savings under management of 2,580 million euros.

The data collected by the Spanish Insurance Sector Studies Service, ICEA, they show how, at the end of the second quarter, insurers watched over 237,322 million euros from their clients, after recording an interannual increase of 3.45%. Of that amount, 193,489 million correspond to insurance products, 3.75% more. The remaining 43,833 million constitute the assets of the pension plans whose management has been entrusted to entities in the sector. This last amount is 2.16% higher than the one recorded the previous year by these same dates.

Lifetime and temporary income is the most relevant product in terms of managed savings. They accumulate technical provisions of 89,838 million euros, 2.02% more than a year ago. On the other hand, the strength of individual long-term savings insurance (SIALP) stands out. These policies, popularly known as Savings Plans 5, moved 4,164 million at the end of June and grew 19.44% year-on-year.

The evolution of individual systematic savings plans (PIAS) is also striking. At the end of the second quarter, these insurances reached 13,806 million and recorded a year-on-year growth of 7.82%. Meanwhile, deferred capital recorded an increase of 2.91% and accumulated 50,450 million euros.

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