The prize is awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and is endowed with 30,000 euros.

The jury has chosen the designer "for his professional career and his significance in the contemporary history of fashion in Spain. His historical slogan 'the wrinkle is beautiful' speaks of his taste for the natural, highlighting sobriety and freedom and his conviction of that clothing is our second skin. It has had a very important international expansion, in which it recognizes its capacity and sensitivity to spread the design and creation of Spanish fashion. "

The prize recognizes a creator or a group that can be considered as a creator, for his work made public or made the previous year. Also, in duly motivated cases, in recognition of a professional career. For the awarding of the prize, the quality of the recognized works or activities is taken into account; its innovative character and its significance as an outstanding contribution to Spanish cultural and artistic life.


Adolfo Domínguez Fernández (Orense, 1950) studies Philosophy and Letters in Santiago de Compostela and later moves to Paris, where he expanded his training in Aesthetics and Cinematography. After a stay in London, he returned to Spain in 1973 to create a pioneer in the textile sector in Orense from the tailor's shop that his father had run since the fifties.

In the 80s he launched the slogan 'The wrinkle is beautiful', which became the hallmark of his firm and one of the most widely read slogans of Spanish fashion. His success in that decade led him to dress the protagonists of the American series Miami Vice. The opening of own stores in Madrid, London, Paris, Porto and Tokyo and the expansion of the women's collection drive the consolidation of the company.

His knowledge of geometry is reflected in collections full of rigor and in solutions marked by 'freshness and simplicity with poetry'. These are classic garments without stridency, which are signed by a rich minimalist who dresses a woman more sensitive to beauty than to status.

In the 90's he internationalized and diversified his business, becoming the first Spanish designer to market a full range of perfumes with his name and the first Spanish fashion brand with a presence in the stock market.

In 2009, after an absence of ten years, he returns to parade at Cibeles Fashion Week and reaches the figure of six hundred stores worldwide.

Very committed to the environment, in 2010 he signed his commitment to Animal Welfare Policy.

He has received important awards such as the Golden Needle in 1997, the Telva Fashion Award in 2004 and the 'Lifetime Achievement in Fashion' of the Miami Fashion Week in 2006.


The jury was chaired by Román Fernández-Baca Casares, general director of Fine Arts and acted as vice president Begoña Torres González, deputy general director of Promotion of Fine Arts. The following members attended: Miguel Adrover Barceló, National Fashion Design Award 2018; Modesto Lomba, president of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain (ACME); Look at Arzalluz Loroño, director of the Palais Galliera, Paris; and María Ortega Gálvez, contemporary artist and director of World Textil Art (WTA).

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