Wing, In collaboration with CEOE Y Blindness, has organized the day Management and Optimization of Time at the headquarters of the CEOE, where technological trends in organizations have been highlighted, and guidelines have been given to change the current work environment, marked by the digital era, which It has new jobs, new business models and contracts and new workers.

Mr. Javier Calderón, Director of Companies and Organizations of CEOE, has been in charge of welcoming giving way to the presentation of Ms. Beatriz García Ricondo, who from her vision as Director of Crearte Coaching and Transformation, has exposed the 3 keys to choose how to use Our time in the present. These consist of loving what you do, putting first things first, and distinguishing the important from the urgent.

Mr. Jorge Gil, General Director of IDC Research, who has focused on time management and optimization in the digital age.

In Jorge's words, we are in a dynamic, borderless and task-oriented labor market integrating communities and platforms. 45% of Spanish CIOs confirm that services related to the job and mobility are their main investment priority to acquire.

Jorge has remarked that in two years, more than 60% of the G2000 companies will actively supervise and manage the experience of employees, using it as a key differentiator to build and maintain B2B and B2C relationships.

Ms. Beatriz Coleto, Responsible for Management of Alares Talent, explained the tools available to Alares to manage and optimize time.

For Beatriz, time is a resource in which priorities are managed. Proper planning is the key to saving time. Different studies that confirm that for every hour that is planned, you get to save 3 or 4 hours.

Immersed in the era of people, where emotions become the first, it is necessary to change the "I have to" for "I choose what", to start being leaders of our time.

In turn, he explained how from Alares they bet on giving time to both employees and customers of companies, thanks to their assistance services. It is proven that those who enjoy them increase their time by 20%, since many of the tasks that collapsed at various times of the day are delegated.

Find a nursery for children, organize a trip, change the supplies of the house, find a person to help you with housework at home, locate a good physiotherapist, find a person to fix an appliance that you get It has spoiled, organize a move, make administrative arrangements … they are small steps that take away much of the time.

Therefore, Alares services take care of everything they need, both the employee and / or client and their families, making their lives easier and happier.

On the day there have also been practical business experiences that have been able to expose how they manage time in their different organizations.

In it we have been able to count on Mr. Daniel Ferrandis, Founder and Creative Director of Button Watch, Mr. Martin Mosquera, Founder of Vranded, Mr. Manuel Fernando, Director of Development of Noysi and Mr. Fon de Luján, Founder of Parafina.

The 4 have agreed on the importance of working for objectives, fleeing from job presenteeism, identifying which tools can best help us manage time and realize what tasks can be optimized through platforms to save time. They have also agreed with Mrs. Beatriz Ricondo that it is essential to put first things first and they have clarified how it is vital to realize what tasks can be delegated and know how to differentiate the important from the urgent.

Anna Maria Hurtado, General Director of Marketing and Commercial of Alares, has concluded the day emphasizing that to optimize the time the key is to detect the important thing, to use the technology, to have services that help to reconcile and to be on alert to detect the thieves of the weather.

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