The Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia has organized since last June several investment forums in the Andalusian Community to facilitate the financing of 102 business projects. In total, five forums have been developed between the provinces of Granada, Córdoba, Cádiz, Málaga and Sevilla. The last forum of this cycle was organized today at the headquarters of CEA, with the participation of twenty one shortlisted entrepreneurs Among the candidates who submitted to this call.

This CEA initiative is part of the project activities “Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Culture” CEA + Empresas, which the Andalusian business organization carries out with the financing of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University of the Junta de Andalucía, through the General Secretariat of Economy.

The inaugural act of this forum has had the participation of CEA Secretary General, Luis Fernández-Palacios; the Secretary General of Economy, Manuel Alejandro Hidalgo, and the Vice President of AJE Andalucía, Ricardo Nandwani. Representatives of Bankia, Unicaja, PGS Investors, Crazy4media, Sevilla Business Angels, SOPREA, Nexus Project and Investments, StartUp Lab Spain and Netin Club were present on the part of the investors.

The Investor Forum, which CEA has organized today at its headquarters, is the fifth and last of this cycle, which began in June and has allowed participating entrepreneurs to establish direct contact with potential funders, to whom they have presented A total of 102 projects. Since the first edition of the Investment Forums of the CEA + Business Program, a total of 262 projects have been announced in the last three years before potential investors.

Regarding the development of the forum and after its inauguration, the Founder and President of PGS Investors, Pablo Gimeno, presented a paper on "How to get the investment your company needs?". Then the entrepreneurs presented their projects to investors in a round of financing called Elevator Pitch, which is configured with a dynamic format of exhibition where each participant presents their project in three minutes to the rest of the attendees and investors.

CEA has promoted investment forums, with the collaboration of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs AJE Andalucía, so that they become a space in which a favorable climate for private investment and the financing of new business initiatives is created, through different activities such as business project presentations to private investors and speedworking. Likewise, it is about establishing a contact platform between investors who have capital, and newly created entrepreneurs or companies that need financing to carry out their business projects.

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