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The president of Cs assures that "the growth of new strains is causing the use of safer masks to be recommended." That is why she once again proposes to the Government that "reduce the VAT on ma

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has announced, after her meeting with the regional coordinators of Cs, that the orange training will take an initiative to all regional parliaments with the dual objective of "greater transparency in management of vaccines ”and“ an ethical commitment by all political forces to remove politicians who skip the vaccination queue from office ”. "It cannot be that millions of people are waiting their turn to get vaccinated and that there is a group of politicians who skip the lists," Arrimadas added.

The leader of Cs explained during the press conference that the liberal party carries out this proposal "not only so that those who skip the queue assume their responsibilities, we also do it to prevent more cases from occurring" because "we do not We only criticize, but we also propose and offer solutions ”. “We are aware that, if it were not for Cs, the Health Minister of Murcia of the PP would continue in his position. In fact, the national leadership of the PP came out to defend its adviser at first, but thanks to the fact that Ciudadanos is in the Government and we are absolutely inflexible against this type of practice, today it is not still in its position ”, he pointed out.

Likewise, Arrimadas has stated that oranges are going to register a similar initiative in Congress that will also request "a single vaccination record for all of Spain."

The president of the Liberals has also referred to the new variants of the original strain of Covid-19 that is becoming known that "are more contagious" for which she has announced that Cs has registered another initiative in the Lower House in which He asks the Executive to "lower the VAT on FFP2 masks because they are a basic good and protect more." "We are seeing how other countries are recommending its use and even in some places they are becoming mandatory," said Arrimadas, who has asked the Government "not to do as usual, not to be the last to do it and not to make excuses because Brussels does let the VAT on these masks go down ”. "It is a fair and sensible measure that guarantees fair use," he added.

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