07-10-2019 | Cs

The president of the Cs group affirms that he does not understand that 'the PSC side with those who defend violence and not democracy'

“You are the maximum architect and executor of the bankruptcy of living together in Catalonia”. This has been said by the president of the group of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament of Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, when presenting the motion of censure for coexistence against the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra. Carrizosa has described as "worrisome" that the president and several deputies "applaud detainees for rebellion, terrorism and possession of explosives" and said that "he does not understand how Torra can look the Catalans in the eye after giving support to people who They allegedly wanted to attack Catalonia. ”

Carrizosa has said that Torra "detracts from the institution of the presidency" because he says he is "the president dependent on the escape of justice Carles Puigdemont and also has writings considered racist." He has also criticized that Torra denies that there is violence in separatism "when there was Tierra Lliure, constitutionalists are harassed or the headquarters of Cs are attacked by hammering."

The president of the orange group has said that he does not understand that “the PSC is on the side of those who defend violence and not on the side of democracy” and has pointed out that “when a group of people advocate the violent route, the Democrats we have to unite and say 'violence no, democracy yes' ”. "The socialists could be next to those who defend coexistence," he lamented and asked to "join us democratic values ​​and make clear the censorship of violence."

Finally, Carrizosa recalled that the independence movement "is not civic, democratic or nonviolent." He pointed out that "we are not talking about a civic movement because it emerges from the elites and is watered with public money and calculated from above" and added that "it is not democratic as demonstrated in the plenary sessions of September 6 and 7, 2017" where the separatist groups "ran over the rights of the Democrats." Carrizosa has concluded by stating that "all of us who defend Spain know the pressure of the signaling, the insult and the harassment in networks" by the separatists.

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