He reveals that he has asked the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, to close the list to Congress for Madrid.

He assures that Ana Pastor, Elvira Rodríguez and Isabel García Tejerina are three women who have managed to manage in difficult times, who were already in his team and is proud that they have taken the step.

He reproaches Sanchez that fewer announcements at the rallies, more resources to the Constitutional Court and, from there, article 155 can be applied.

It requires that the law in force be applied: the laws of National Security, Financial Stability, the closure of Diplocat, the Educational Inspection Law, the General Audiovisual Law and the General Penitentiary Law. "If we have to apply 155, it is better that we do it and improve those who already did it and not Pedro Sánchez as an electoral scarecrow," he emphasizes.

Stresses that the PP is the only party that can make an alternative government to Pedro Sánchez.

It affirms that the PP maintains the proposal of fiscal revolution and if it arrives on time on November 10, we can avoid the crisis that Pedro Sánchez already recognizes.

He doubts the credibility of Sánchez, who owes his votes to JpCat, ERC and Bildu, and has signed 40 municipal agreements with the Torra and Junqueras parties, and asks him “not to use us as an electoral ploy”.

Remember that the PP tried to reach Spain Suma and they gave us “an incomprehensible slam of the door,” notes that Spain is above the PP and we are a responsible party. "Only with the results of April, we would have been close to the absolute majority," he remarks.

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