Reunión de la Comisión de Seguimiento del COVID-19

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  • "Those of us who care about Spain are not going to be haggling for a handful of votes any measure or any support," said the leader of the PP who demands that the Government does not have "cacophonies" such as those produced with the labor guide of the Minister of Job.
  • Stresses the "constructive position" of the PP in the crisis of the coronavirus and reiterates that he will not do the same as Sánchez did with Ebola, blaming Rajoy for what happened, or the PSOE in Andalusia with listeriosis.
  • He reaches out again to the president of the Government "not only to support him but to try to give an impulse to the Executive" and to take measures in a "coordinated, effective and determined" way.
  • “In this crisis we go together but for efficient and urgent measures to be taken. The Government must lead and must do so with economic resources. ”
  • He advocates a national health contingency plan and recalls that the Executive owes more than 2.5 billion euros to the Autonomous Communities, which "also need the loyalty and collaboration of the Government."
  • It affects the need to analyze the “pernicious effects” that this crisis will have on the real economy and defends the decalogue of measures that the PP has raised around this issue.
  • He rejects any insinuation against the Community of Madrid, which had been asking for measures to be taken for several weeks.
  • He denounces that the Executive has gone “behind the events” in this matter and criticizes that no measures have been taken before.
  • "The real leadership is to get ahead of the crisis, assume the consequences and give peace of mind, even if it has an electoral cost."
  • Bet because "measures are taken in time regardless of the electoral cost" and ensures that the PP will not seek any political revenue.
  • He assures that the coronavirus crisis affects more those countries that have not reduced debt or deficit, who have proposed raising taxes or have taken measures to make the labor market more rigid and remember that Spain has not been doing homework for two years ” "
  • He urges explaining to citizens what protection mechanisms they may have, and to the self-employed and SMEs that are affected what liquidity lines are going to be put in place.
  • He believes that the greatest peace of mind is to trust our "spectacular" health system and healthcare professionals and their "commendable" work.
  • It proposes that the Regulation of the Congress be modified in relation to the Permanent Delegation to enable control mechanisms to the Government, “which is something essential”, after the decision not to hold Plenary.
  • He wonders why the PSN has issued two socialist councilors for agreeing with Bildu in Estella when they have done the same as María Chivite and Pedro Sánchez in Navarra and in Spain.
  • Remember that Navarra Suma offered the governance to Chivite so that it would not depend on Bildu and describes it as "worrisome" that those who have not condemned the ETA attacks are "homologable partners" for the PSOE and Sánchez.

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