Equality prepares various acts throughout the week of March 8 to claim the value of feminism

On Monday 2 March they will be exhibited in the auditorium of the Ministry "The women's vote", one of the exhibitions of the itinerant fund of the Women's Institute. With an important documentary and photographic material, it was prepared by the Feminist Center for Studies and Documentation. The exhibition will be open to the public until Friday 6 and people who want to see it may do so after registering in the website of the Women's Institute and the social networks of the Ministry.

During those days and also in the Ministry hall the group of urban artists Boa Mistura will paint the mural 'Free', based on the poster for the 8M. On Tuesday, March 3, the different materials prepared by the Ministry of Equality and the Women's Institute will be announced on March 8.

On Wednesday, the 4th and until Sunday, March 8, the Women's Institute will participate in the Education Week Fair organizing various activities in the Equality Classroom. Among these activities, the stage space will feature the show Danza SOHO and the monologue "Not only hurts the blows" by Pamela Palenciano. That same day, organized by the Women's Institute and with the presence of the Minister of Equality Irene Montero, will be inaugurated in the auditorium of the National Archaeological Museum, the 16th edition of the Ellas Crean Festival dedicated to making visible the work of artists and creators in the world of culture.

On the other hand, on Thursday, March 5, Irene Montero, will attend the Feminist Alliance event at the University of Seville organized by the Seville Feminist Policy Forum, while the Government Delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, will appear to assess the situation of sexist violence in Spain and the policies that are being carried out to combat it.

On Friday 6, the act of the Women's Institute will be held at Medialab Prado, headed by its director Beatriz Gimeno, on the occasion of March 8.

Finally, on Sunday, March 8, the Minister of Equality and the general directors of the ministry will participate in the various demonstrations convened by the feminist movement.

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