Headlines of the Secretary General before the media:

  • Ensures that PP, Cs and Vox have the opportunity to prevent the left misgoverns the Region of Murcia and that the 40 years that has generated socialism in Andalusia spread to other regions of Spain.
  • He asks Vox to sit down again and talk in Murcia and in the Community of Madrid because "more important than the political acronyms are the anxieties that Murcia and Madrid have to continue advancing and progressing hand in hand with governments of freedom that are the counterpoint to Pedro Sánchez ".
  • "We bet that Madrid and Murcia are not allies of Pedro Sanchez with governments of the PSOE and Podemos, and have delegates in regions as is already happening in Castilla-La Mancha or Extremadura," he emphasizes.
  • He affirms that Sánchez demonstrates that he is not interested in constitutionalism or a government of constitutionalists, but rather in the hands of those who made him president in the motion of censure.
  • It demands the president of the government in functions that is transparent, say clearly which is the Executive that he intends to form, stop confusing the Spanish society and accuses him of being more comfortable with Bildu, ERC and Podemos that with any other partner that respects and defends the Constitution.
  • He assures that the Government of Spain is "in the hands of those who have done the most favors for the independentists and the best lawyer in Puigdemont".
  • Ask Sanchez why he is not able to govern with 123 deputies if in the last legislature he was able to do it with 84 and denounces that he tries to "whiten himself with the constitutionalists" by asking for his abstention from the investiture.
  • After the signing of the government agreement between PP and Cs in Castilla y León, he welcomes that this region opens "a new stage" with a coalition executive chaired by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and congratulates the work teams of both parties for the great work carried out.
  • He appreciates the sense of State of Citizens, which has allowed an agreement in the fundamental, giving stability to a region as important as Castilla y León and sharing the priorities to build a future government.

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