El presidente del PP de Melilla, Juan José Imbroda

The Regional President of the PP of Melilla and Senator, Juan José Imbroda, Has assured that "today more than ever it is necessary to look north." "The Government of the Popular Party left a wide range of proposals to combat the economic situation of Melilla," he recalled, while requiring the tripartite government to "resume and reactivate the large projects left prepared by the previous Executive, vital to address the challenges of Morocco and relaunching our economy. ”

He said that "as a senator and former president of the Autonomous City, I want the best relations with Morocco, but I will not allow us to be subdued, suffocated and want to sink into misery." “Relationships have to be respectful and reciprocal, because there has always been a common benefit. Therefore, Spain has to sit with Morocco and demand the immediate reopening of Commercial Customs. ”

In this sense, Juan José Imbroda has announced that "the Popular Party will ask for the unanimous support of all the parliamentary groups in the city."

"Why does Melilla have to pay the diplomatic problems of Spain with Morocco?" Imbroda wonders at the angry Moroccan reaction for the support of a Secretary of State of Podemos to the Polisario Front this weekend.

Likewise, it announces that “the PP will request in the General Courts that the incorporation of Melilla to the Customs Union is being processed, protecting the tax advantages of the Autonomous City and that vital investments be re-activated for Melilla that paralyzed the Government of Pedro Sánchez”.

Juan José Imbroda, also requires the current Government of the Autonomous City to "resume and reactivate the projects left prepared by the previous Executive, vital to meet the challenge of Morocco and relaunch our economy."

He indicates that "the PP extends its hand to the socialist party to join forces, because they are the only parties that at the national level can promote important actions in difficult times."

“Given the latest gestures of Morocco towards Ceuta and Melilla, especially notorious with the statements of the General Director of Customs this weekend, the senator and former president of the city declares that“ he wants the best relations with Morocco, but that he cannot allow that Melilla be subdued, crushed and wanted to sink into misery. ”

That is why he asks the Spanish State to “immediately sit with Morocco to demand the reopening of Commercial Customs with Melilla, a step legally and expressly agreed by both countries since 1870 and that, denying the Moroccan spokesman, has never alleged violation of interests of either Spain or Morocco ”.

“The Director General of Customs is lacking information. Commercial Customs has been unchanged for two centuries. With documented and regulated trade. And Morocco closed it unilaterally. And I add, in a hostile way, ”says the popular, while adding that“ from the Local Popular Parliamentary Group, the unanimous support of the Assembly will be asked for a motion to support the request to the Government of the nation. ”

He recalled that "for decades, Melilla has contributed to the adjacent regional development of Morocco" and does not understand "why the city now has to pay for the pressures of Morocco to Spain". "Now he doesn't need us anymore, the region has developed and suffocates us," he continued.

Imbroda stressed how the Spanish Foreign Minister had yesterday to "put out the fire" created by the Secretary of Social Affairs of Spain after receiving and recognizing a representative of the Polisario Front and generating the angry protest of the Moroccan Government. "Why do we have to pay for these problems?" He insisted.

Given these issues, the number one of the Local PP wanted to remember why in his speech of Melilla Day in 2018 he used the term “look north”, underlining that “while looking south, the city had to respond to the challenges that, already then, began to show Morocco, precisely when it decided to close the Commercial Customs ”.

"However, the parties now in the Government reacted against the Popular Party for those announcements, accusing Juan José Imbroda of provoking Morocco or having lost the compass," he said.

"Look at what they said then – Imbroda said_ and today we have not heard a single statement of intentions about what they want to do, because they have no government program."

In that sense, he revealed how the Ceuta Socialist Party itself has disallowed Gloria Rojas in relation to the document signed between the governments of the two Autonomous Cities. "It does not go anywhere because it has no consensus," in the words of the ceo PSOE.

That is why it now requires the local Executive to “urgently resume and reactivate the projects that the Popular Government left prepared and that are vital to our development, and that“ another look to the north ”to the one that referred and named in the mentioned speech ”.

“The expansion of the commercial port, with 295 million that were eliminated from the budgets, an agreement with the Melilla Port Authority for the construction of cruise ship berths, thanks to the agreement reached with the Carnival multinational, project contracting and construction of the Post Office building to continue with the expansion of university degrees, negotiations with Paradores to resume the construction of new facilities in Cavalry, also paralyzed by the socialist government after the motion of censure, items to subsidize non-residents. We have to get 100,000 tourists to come and that can be done. They have the economic means and we have proposed it to the City Government. They also have to execute the agreement with the Junta de Andalucía, which contains very important economic, social and all kinds of agreements ”.

In the words of Juan José Imbroda, "the current Government has to focus on what is important today, and forget about projects to" colonize "votes as Mustafa Aberchán imposes with the millionaire departure from the District Council."

“We are willing to sit down with whoever is needed and do whatever it takes and we are doing so. These are difficult times and we have not heard or read a single statement of intentions about what they want to do with Melilla. Not one, ”he said.

As for the commemoration of the Statute of Autonomy of the City, Juan José Imbroda announced that “the Popular Group will not attend these acts, because they intend to blur Melilla Day, a commemoration of the Spanishness of the city that CpM has never recognized” . “Yes we will go on March 19 to the tribute to Marshal Sherlock. Let's see if CpM comes or not, ”he concluded.

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