The business information server center Informa D&B has signed a collaboration agreement with CEOE. In this way, it will actively participate in the development of activities, initiatives and programs promoted by the Confederation. Is about The leading company in the supply of commercial, financial, sector and marketing information, with a consolidated turnover of 90.5 million euros in 2018.

The company has a national database with 6.8 million registered economic agents and, as a member of the D&B Worldwide Network, offers access to online economic, commercial, financial and marketing information related to Spanish companies and entities and foreigners and autonomous Spanish entrepreneurs of more than 330 million companies worldwide. Its staff consists of more than 350 people and has delegations in 20 Spanish cities.

Through its four brands, Informs, eInforma, DBK and OneRate, reaches three million users. 89% of Ibex 35 companies and more than 95% of financial institutions use their information to help them make risk decisions. Informa D&B is part of CESCE, a reference group in comprehensive risk management that has more than 1,600 employees serving 140,000 customers, with a turnover of more than 420 million euros.

In the words of Juan María Sainz, CEO of Informa D&B, “since its establishment in 1992, Spanish companies have been the core business Informa D&B, striving to have the highest possible information, the highest quality and the most up-to-date, so signing this collaboration agreement with CEOE, the great employer of Spanish companies, fills us with satisfaction. ”

For his part, the CEOE General Secretary, José Alberto González-Ruiz, has welcomed Informa D&B as a new collaborator of the Confederation, highlighting that “today more than ever it is essential to have quality and accessible information to make business decisions in a world in constant change like the current one ”.

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