Justice recommends that the parties be notified of the resolutions of the proceedings in progress

The recommendation refers to the resolutions that are issued in any process, not only in those declared essential, and both the procedural resolutions and those that end the judicial procedure.

The Circular 2/2020 of the General Secretariat of the Administration of Justice clarifies that, whenever possible, notifications will be made by telematic means and, in no case, their realization will imply an increase in the physical presence of officials in judicial venues beyond what that dictate the resolutions.

The recommendation does not affect the suspension of procedural deadlines that the Government generally agreed upon when declaring a state of alarm and, therefore, the deadlines that the notification gives rise to will begin to run when appropriate. In the event that a notification should give rise to the calculation of time limits in an event declared essential or urgent, it is recommended that it be expressly stated in the resolution itself.

With this circular, the aim is to speed up the increase in procedural procedures as a result of the resolution of the Minister of Justice of April 13 and that of the General Council of the Judiciary of the same date, which lifted the limitations on the submission of writings by telematic means. .

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