María Gámez “There are no barriers for women in the Civil Guard or in other areas of society”

The Director General participates in the act of the Government Subdelegation in Jaén for International Women's Day

In addition, María Gámez has given a talk on equality to the students of the Academy of Guards of Baeza and has visited the facilities and was able to know first-hand the training that the future civil guards receive there

The director general of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, said that "there are no barriers for women in the Civil Guard or in other areas of society." In an event on the occasion of the International Women's Day held at the Subdelegation of the Government of Jaén, Gámez explained today that "this is how we look at the future, without limits", and recalled that women are already present in practically all Body units.

The event also participated in the Government's sub-delegate in Jaén, Catalina Madueño; the mayor of Jaén, Julio Millán; the general head of Education, Francisco Espadas; the chief general of Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez; and the head of the Comandancia de Jaén, Francisco José Lozano.
The director general of the Civil Guard has stressed the need to increase the presence of women in the Corps, and especially in positions of responsibility. In that regard, he has praised actions already carried out by the Civil Guard such as the creation of the Committee for the Real and Effective Equality of Women and Men of the Civil Guard – created in 2014 -, the launch in 2018 of the Women's Area e Equality or the presentation of the Equality Plan in July last year.
For María Gámez, acts such as the one held today in favor of equality should serve to convey an image of "union and coordination" in which there are no "hesitations or half measures" in the face of women's inequality.
Gámez has had a special memory for the 15 women killed by their partners or ex-partners this year in Spain, and the 1,049 fatalities since statistics exist. Macho violence, Gámez has remarked, is “one of our battles” that from the Civil Guard, as from all areas, must be addressed “with professionalism and specialization”. Before a sexual assault on a woman, before a victim of gender-based violence, before a cyberbully against a woman, there is always a civil guard or guard defending her, protecting her, and finding and separating the aggressor, the director general of the Institution has sentenced.

More student guards every year

In the morning, María Gámez visited the guard academy of Baeza (Jaén) and gave a lecture to 2,038 students. In the 125th promotion there are a total of 331 women who are trained to be civil guards, a figure that represents 16.24%, the highest percentage of female access in the history of the Civil Guard.
The average age of these student guards is 28 years. Of them there are 40.78% of university graduates. Most of them reside in Andalusia, followed by Madrid and the Valencian Community.
After signing in the academy's book of honor, the director of the Civil Guard has visited the facilities of the Jiennense center and shared a lunch with future civil guards.


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