06-08-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs afera that Torra 'has only been dedicated to govern facing the gallery' focusing on 'creating tension with the courts and the Electoral Board'

"We want governments committed to the unity of Spain, the defense of the constitution and the equality of all citizens." This has been stated by the deputy of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament of Catalonia, Nacho Martín Blanco, before the media. The deputy explained that the orange formation "prioritizes pacts that are clearly constitutionalist" and that they do not want "pacts that make fat soup for the separatist parties or that belittle the freedom of the whole of the Spaniards", elements that it has considered "basic in a democratic society. "

Martín Blanco, in relation to the negotiations in Barcelona City Council, has asked that the decalogue of priorities that Cs presented be accepted because they are "of common sense conditions". "Those who accept these points, we can sit down and talk to them," he said, and recalled that, taking into account the last legislature of Ada Colau at the head of the city of Barcelona, ​​"it does not seem that Colau will accept that Spain is a democratic and constitutional state comparable to the rest of Europe ".

The deputy in the Parliament has shamed the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, his year in the Govern noting that "only has been dedicated to govern facing the gallery" focusing on "creating tension with the courts and the Electoral Board." "It has been the sublimation of that way of doing politics based on gesture, provocation and confrontation," he pointed out and recalled that "basically that is what 'procés' is about."

He has criticized the social inaction of the Government of Torra, an element to be denounced in the plenary session of the next week in the Parliament with a motion on the matter, and has denounced that the president "is mainly dedicated to spending huge amounts of money to speak ill of Spain , both in Catalonia and abroad. " "The balance of Torra is simply nothing," he said and recalled that Catalonia has the longest waiting lists in health and more public schools in barracks. "If they want to continue leaving social policies aside, unless they shame their faces," he concluded.

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