He emphasizes that "the irresponsibility of the PSOE in economic matters does a lot of damage to Spain", pointing out that "Sánchez is more and more like Zapatero and that is a risk that we cannot assume"

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party and number one candidate of the PP of Malaga to Congress, Pablo Montesinos, stressed today that "this week we have traveled throughout the province, carrying a positive message by flag", claiming that "we are the party of the coastal Málaga, but also of the interior Malaga, of the towns ”.

Thus, he stressed that "we have based our message on the economy and employment, demonstrating that we are focused on the concerns of Malaga", warning that "the irresponsibility of Sanchez in this area does much damage to Spain."

In this sense, he has criticized that “the PSOE looks the other way before the unemployment data, that it has not exerted any reform to face the signs of economic crisis”, warning that “Sanchez is more and more like Zapatero and That is a risk that we cannot assume. ”

"Sanchez says he is very tired and that is why he makes mistakes," Montesinos lamented, stating that, "if next Sunday we join our votes around the Popular Party, we will send him to rest outside La Moncloa."
The popular leader has then argued that "we must do it for the good of Malaga and for the good of Spain", pointing out that "we must concentrate the vote around the PP because Sanchez's only hope is that we go divided to the polls; we are the only alternative and together we are stronger ”, he stressed.

"Concentrating the vote in the PP will redirect the direction of Spain in economic matters," he continued, emphasizing that "with Pablo Casado in front, we will have a government that does not shake our legs in Catalonia and pass the paralysis and blockade to unlock, also in regards to the infrastructure that Malaga needs ”.

Finally, Montesinos has expressed that “we are convinced that it is much more what unites us than what separates us and, therefore, with Pablo Casado, Málaga wins and Spain wins”, he concluded.

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