Neither the referee nor the VAR saw both Varane penalties

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NEWS | 12/18/2019

The Frenchman suffered a stencil of Lenglet and two minutes later he was grabbed by Rakitic.

Raphael Varane He was at the center of the two most controversial actions of the Classic at the Camp Nou. The French player suffered two penalties in the first part that Hernández Hernández did not punish. In the 17th minute, the madridista went up to finish off a corner and in the subsequent play he received a stencil on the right thigh by Lenglet in the area, which neither the referee nor the VAR saw (where De Burgos Bengoetxea was).

Two minutes later, in another corner kick, the center was grabbed by Rakitic by the shirt and was knocked down inside the area. But again, neither the referee nor the VAR decided to point the maximum penalty.

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