06-07-2019 | Cs

Cs will not allow LGTBI people and their rights to be used as a weapon for partisan purposes

Ciudadanos (Cs) has participated, participates and will always participate in the Pride. He has never missed the appointment nor will he now. It will not allow LGTBI people and their rights to be used as a throwaway weapon for partisan purposes.

Cs will carry the flag of freedom and equality wherever he goes, as well as attend any act or manifestation that defends and promotes these values. Where freedom and equality are defended, Citizens come.

In Spain, important steps have been taken against the historical discrimination suffered by LGTBI people, but much remains to be done. In particular, for LGTBI women, trans people and LGBTI family models.

Therefore, Citizens has presented various initiatives in all parliaments and the Congress of Deputies and we will continue to do so. Likewise, the liberal party has supported equality measures presented by other groups.

Citizens work every day for a society where the rights of everyone are respected and everyone can develop fully without being discriminated against, regardless of their sexual or gender identity.

It is not understood that the Board of Directors of the Orgullo in Madrid (COGAM) organization acts in this way, forcing them to sign political documents.

Above the abbreviations and sectarianism is freedom and the very spirit of transversality with which the vindication of this day was born.

You can not expel the liberal and progressive LGBTI people from the day of Pride. To expel them is to betray their essence. Citizens trust that the Board of Directors reconsider and rectify.

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