El senador del Partido Popular, Pablo Ruz

He reproaches Pablo Iglesias who despises the agrarian entities that represent the farmers and ranchers

The senator of the Popular Group, Pablo Ruz, affirmed today, in a question addressed to the 2nd Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, in the Senate control session, that “the rhetoric of the 'squeeze' is of no use if nothing is done to solve the very serious problems of the Spanish agricultural sector ”.

"It's not about empty rhetoric, it's not about political opportunity or asking them to squeeze as if they had to do it before an abstract entity, it's about working for them and their families," said the popular senator. "Act, govern and listen to the Spanish countryside," he has claimed the vice president of the Government.

During his speech at the control session, the PP senator reproached Pablo Iglesias that “while the Spanish countryside cries out for aid, you despise the agricultural entities that represent a large part of the farmers and ranchers,” reminding him that ASAJA , UPA and COAG were excluded, at the last minute, from the meeting convened by the Minister of Labor.

In addition, Pablo Ruz reminded him that the agrarian entities were revoked at the last minute of the meeting and “his surprise turned into outrage” when he learned that only the UGT and CC.OO unions would attend and that the vice president joined the meeting.

The senator of the GPP has indicated that the sector itself wants its interlocutor to be the Ministry of Agriculture and has said that “the Spanish countryside is very clear about its needs and demands”

Therefore, Pablo Ruz has demanded that the Socialist Government review the measures that are necessary to improve the functioning of the food chain, while at the same time calling for the creation of a “Price Observatory to pursue the sale at a loss in the Commercial Law "

Likewise, he has requested a fair and agile taxation; update the agricultural tax system; a sufficient budget to cover the needs of the insured in the agricultural insurance system; and activate crisis management measures when the situation requires it.

Finally, Pablo Ruz has opted to revise the Criminal Code to improve the fight against theft in the agricultural sector; the control, improvement and simplification of animal and plant health management; the study and evaluation of the impact of agreements with third countries; as well as more investment in hydraulic works.

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