Statement by President Florentino Pérez about Lorenzo Sanz

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NEWS | 03/22/2020

The first thing I want to convey is my condolences to his entire family, especially his wife Mari Luz, their children, Lorenzo, Francisco, Fernando, Malula and Diana, their grandchildren, and all their friends and loved ones. To all of them all my love and all the strength and encouragement in such a difficult time. I want them to know that Real Madrid is at their side today.

This situation we are going through is so cruel that it prevents us from being with ours in its last moments and that is something really hard and sad. I also remember, of course, all the people, all the families who are experiencing this terrible drama. I want to express my solidarity with all of them.

We live a time that we could not imagine even in the worst nightmares.

Today we remember the figure of Lorenzo Sanz, who has been the victim of this tragedy, a president who brought us the much-awaited Madrid Cup to Madrid, after 32 years of long waiting. The madridistas will always remember him as the president who gave us back hope and joy on May 20, 1998 in Amsterdam.

The Seventh arrived. Also the Eighth two years later in 2000 in Paris, and Real Madrid returned to occupy its rightful place in history.

In addition to these two European Cups, the club won during its presidency an Intercontinental Cup, a League, a Spanish Super Cup, a basketball League and also a European Cup Winners' Cup.

The truth is that during his five years in office we were once again great in the European competition that our fans love so much and that becomes something unforgettable. With him Real Madrid continued to enhance its history and legend.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy a very loving relationship with Lorenzo Sanz and his family in recent years. He shared with all of us the great titles won in recent seasons, especially the last four European Cups. He lived them intensely in the stadium with us, on the plane with the team, he enjoyed them with all of us … I am left with that image of joy that overflowed every time Real Madrid got a victory.

We have left a great Real Madrid player who has dedicated a good part of his life to what his illusion was with his family: Real Madrid. Lorenzo's passion was undoubtedly Real Madrid and those emotions were still very present in him in recent years.

From the club we are going to do everything that his figure and his legacy deserve to pay him the tribute that all Madrid fans want. Lorenzo deserves great recognition.

A tribute in that Santiago Bernabéu stadium to which he kept going every game to feel his team. Now, as we all know, it is not possible but of course we will carry it out so that his memory is also present in the Madrid of the new generations. We will do so when the appropriate circumstances arise and this difficult moment passes, which we are going through, especially the Spanish and much of the world.

I know very well that these days are, without a doubt, days of sadness, but let us not forget that in this strange time we have to live, we must all continue to show strength, resistance and integrity until the end. And that is what President Lorenzo Sanz would also want.

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