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CEIM Confederación Empresarial de Madrid-CEOE, aware of the importance of Dual Vocational Training for the incorporation of talent to companies, has developed, together with Fundación Bankia for Dual Training, Bertelsmann Foundation and the Alliance for Dual Vocational Training, a course for technical advisors of Dual FP .

The objective of this course, which has been developed during the month of May, has been to prepare professionals so that they can generate and implement Dual FP projects in the business and associative fields. "It is a pioneer course in our Region with which we seek to create a network of technical advisors of Dual FP to promote this type of training in companies ", assures Sara Molero, Training Director of CEIM.

For his part, Carlos Ruano, project manager of the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training, stressed the importance of having advisors who explain the relevance of dual training for companies and for society as a whole, "it is a kind of training that benefits all the actors involved: improves the employability of the student, the competitiveness of the company and the learning of the educational center ".

From the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Alliance for Dual Vocational Training, they have valued the role of technical advisors in this modality that "support companies, educational centers and associations to implement Dual Vocational Training and obtain the best possible performance", said Juan José Juárez, Senior Project Manager of the Foundation. In addition, he added that "we are pleased to promote this initiative with CEIM and the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training because the figure of the advisor is essential for more and more entities to bet on this training".

Associations present in the I Course of Technical Advisors of Dual FP

In this first edition have participated business organizations from sectors such as construction, metal, dependence, consulting, food trade, wood industry, communication or cleaning, among others.

The Association of Employers of the Furniture, Carpentry and Allied Industries of the Community of Madrid (AFAMID) has expressed the importance of the course, where "the different business associations have manifested the same difficulties to successfully tackle dual training".

For its part, the Madrid Association of Care for Dependence (Amade), the Association of Workshops of Madrid (Asetra), the Association of Graphic Communication (Neobis) and the Association of Metal Companies of Madrid (AECIM) have coincided in the importance of Dual FP as a solution to the lack of qualified profiles in these sectors. And from the Business Association of Food Industries of the Community of Madrid (Aseacam) have reinforced the relevance of this mode of learning as a way to gain competitiveness in the industry and ensure the generational change of SMEs.

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