The Civil Guard arrests a woman in Piedratajada for selling a "drink", without sanitary control, which is attributed benefits for the cure of Covid-19 and other pathologies

The detainee sold this liquid to a neighbor of the town who suffered intoxication for which she had to be admitted urgently to a hospital in Zaragoza

In the search carried out in the detainee's home, base products were found for the manufacture of this “drinker”

He is charged with an alleged crime against public health resulting from injuries

The Civil Guard of Luna (Zaragoza) has arrested a woman in Piedratajada for an alleged crime against public health resulting from injuries, after selling a “baby boy” to a neighbor of the aforementioned town as a remedy for the cure of the disease COVID -19.

At 2.30 p.m. yesterday, the Civil Guard received a call from medical professionals at the Luna Health Center, reporting that the night before, at 11.30 p.m., they attended a 67-year-old neighbor at her Piedratajada home to treat severe poisoning, after drinking a drink, for which she had to be transferred urgently by mobile ICU to a hospital in Zaragoza.

After learning of this fact, the agents began an investigation that allowed them to determine that the patient had ingested small amounts of the product that afternoon, the first intake being at around 7 pm and the other after dinner. The husband of the affected person located her at 23:30 lying on the floor of the living room and when she did not react, she notified the medical services.

The drink that the patient ingested was purchased from a neighbor of Piedratajada as a remedy for COVID disease19 and other types of pathologies, after paying for a bottle of 250 milliliters the amount of 20 euros.

With the information gathered, the Civil Guard obtained the identity of the suspect, a 52-year-old woman, supposedly dedicated to osteopathy, massages and other activities, whose consultation was carried out at her own home.

After verifying that this lady had made the sale of the aforementioned product to the patient, she was detained at about 18:15 hours yesterday at her Piedrataja home for an alleged crime against public health resulting in injuries.

Subsequently, the civil guard carried out a search at the detainee's home, where a strong smell of bleach was perceived, finding a multitude of base products for the manufacture of the aforementioned “drinker”, as well as 32,050 euros in cash, which were inside from a bag and distributed in various packages wrapped in aluminum foil, all bills being 50 euros. In addition, relevant documentation was intervened for the investigation that will be carefully analyzed by the Civil Guard.

In the registry, it was possible to verify the activity to which the detainee was engaged, and there was a room for a consultation room, massages or a physical activity, which had the necessary furniture for it.

The Civil Guard has intervened the drink that was ingested by the victim, which has been handcrafted by the detainee outside of any sanitary control, and will be forwarded to the corresponding health department for in-depth analysis.

The investigation continues to determine the composition of the products as well as whether there may be more victims of these events.

The Civil Guard insists that products that have not been previously prescribed by health professionals should not be ingested.

The detainee has been brought to justice this morning before the Investigating Court no. 1 of Ejea de los Caballeros.

For any doubt or clarification regarding the content of this note, you should contact the Civil Guard Peripheral Communication Office in Zaragoza, telephone 696 95 77 82

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