The Government strengthens its alliance with the digital sector in Barcelona

The vice president, who has been accompanied by the Secretaries of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, and Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, Roberto Sánchez, has maintained an intense day of contacts in Barcelona, ​​in which she has also presented the process of Preparation of the Digital Agenda that the Government will develop in the next four years.

The day has begun with the visit to Tech Spirit Barcelona, ​​an event that brings together hundreds of local start-ups. After touring some of the facilities around this forum, the vice president has met The Collider, an innovation program promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The vice president has celebrated the initiatives that have emerged to take advantage of the technological ecosystem developed in Barcelona over the years thanks to the celebration of the Mobile World Congress and has reiterated the Government's commitment to the celebration of this event next year.

Subsequently, the vice president has moved to the Government Delegation in Catalonia, where she has held a meeting with representatives of companies in the technology sector and social agents. Among them, have been the president of Telefónica, José María ÁlvarezPallete; Microsoft's president in Spain, Pilar López; the president of MásMóvil, Eduardo Díaz-Hochleitner; the CEO of Orange in Spain, Laurent Paillasot; the CEO of Samsung in Spain, Celestino García; the CEO of Huawei in Spain, Toni Jim; the CEO of Cellnex, Tobías Martinez, and the director in Spain of Google, Fuencisla Clemares.

They have also been, among others, the CEO of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi; the president of Cepyme, Gerardo Cueva; the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, José Luis Bonet; the president of Foment del Treball Nacional, Josep Sánchez Llíbre; the president of Pimec, Josep González i Sala; the president of Cotec, Cristina Garmendia; the president of Ametic, Pedro Mier; the president of Adigital, Carina Szpilka, and the president of Digital, Alicia Richart.

The meeting, in which the vice president has been accompanied by the Government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, has concluded later with a lunch at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona with representatives of companies in the sector.

In these meetings, the vice president has exposed the lines that will mark the Digital Agenda with which the Government will seek to lead the digital transformation of society, to ensure inclusive, balanced and sustainable growth.

This new Digital Agenda, which is one of the priorities of the Ministry, will seek to maximize the well-being of society as a whole. For this purpose the digital transformation will focus on three aspects: people, society and the economy.

The objective is to guarantee the security and protection of the rights of individuals, with a humanistic digitalization, as well as to protect the democratic and constitutional values ​​of society, while working for the efficiency and productivity of the economy, through of its digitization.

This is also the triple focus that the European Commission has underlined in the presentation a few days ago of its digital package -technology for the benefit of people, fair and competitive economy and open, democratic and sustainable society-, a plan with which the Government of Spain is fully aligned.

The third vice president has assured in these meetings that the Government wants to listen to the entire sector, from the business field to civil society, in this transformation process, because she is convinced that this is a way to increase the chances of her success.

The meeting held at the Government Delegation in Barcelona has thus served as the first contact in this process of preparing the Digital Agenda, in which the vice president has undertaken to listen to the representatives of the sector. "For our Government, dialogue with citizens, social agents, economic operators and territories is key," said the vice president.

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