The Institute of Youth of Spain (Injuve) has made public the names of the young people awarded this year with the National Youth Awards, which fall on people of no more than 30 years who stand out for their dedication in their work and their personal involvement in different areas of society.

The acting Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, has called each of the winners to inform them of the jury's decision.

The resolution, published in State official newsletter (BOE), recognizes 2,000 euros to young people who do not exceed 30 years of age. This year's call has contemplated six categories.

In the Social Commitment, Sandra Timón Mayo has been awarded. She is 25 years old, a software engineer, finished the Degree with the best academic record and is the first person with deafblindness contracted by Microsoft Spain. With his example and work he has helped and motivated many other people with disabilities to break the barriers raised both in the workplace and socially.

In Culture, María Sánchez Rodríguez has won. She is 30 years old, a rural veterinarian, poet and essayist. With his poetry, he has helped to make visible in a model and innovative way the need to maintain life in the countryside.

In the Environment category, the prize went to Andrea Fernández Gorgojo, 26 years old. Chemical industrial engineer, is focused on the study of materials that help us improve the world in which we live. With his work, he contributes to create a more sustainable world.

In the category of Sports, Francisco Javier García Pajares, 28 years old, has been recognized. Graduated in Law and Business Administration, he is the architect of the "Un mundo con sentido" initiative, where he develops personal improvement projects through which to share vital and sports experiences from the perspective of a deafblind person.

In Science and Technology, the jury has recognized the work of Pedro Javier Gómez Gálvez. He is 25 years old and a Health Engineer. It is focused on research work in the field of tissue and organ engineering.

The jury also awarded an honorable mention, without financial endowment, to Ana Mª Valle Sanz, in the category of Social Commitment. Mª Elisa González García has received the mention in Culture, and Juan Carlos Jiménez Cabrera, in Environment.

With the National Youth Awards, Injuve wants to stimulate and recognize the trajectory and effort of those young people who, by their dedication in their work and their personal involvement, show their commitment in different areas of society.

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