El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Diego Movellán

Holders of his speech:

  1. The GPP's Labor spokesman, Diego Movellán, demands that the Government adopt “ambitious measures” that prevent the health drama derived from the Coronavirus from leading to a brutal economic crisis and social emergency.

  2. He assures that due to the lack of foresight and the adoption of effective measures by the Executive, "the scenario is much more worrying today".

  3. He underlines that "the current priority must be the maintenance of employment and that dismissal is the last resort."

  4. He warns that if the government does not abandon the derogation policy, the labor counter-reform and its confiscatory fiscal policy, "the impact of the crisis after the Coronavirus will be much more negative on employment than the data already announced."

  5. He stresses that a government's employment policy cannot be merely derogatory, even less when the slowdown and slowdown in employment were “an objective fact” in February: “To repeal the labor reform is to repeal the maintenance of employment and make it more difficult future job creation ”.

  6. Call to work "from unity" so that no one is left behind in the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 that threatens two generations.

  7. "The threat to the generation of our elders is being fought by the health workers and the staff of the Unit with an admirable lesson in responsibility from which we have much to learn."

  8. "As in the 2011 crisis, internal flexibility in companies must be facilitated to avoid as many layoffs as possible."

  9. Remember that the PP brought Spain "out of two serious economic recessions and several public health crises, and we know that this is a success that tastes bitter." "Bitter when you were then looking at how the economy was bleeding, and today you have the courage to reproach yourself," he adds.

  10. Remember that thanks to the 2012 labor reform, which turned the socialist "bleak balance", the PP government granted "greater guarantees to the worker" by establishing that absences caused by cancer treatment or serious illness would not count as absences from work.

  11. He claims that the government, "out of respect", stop "the game" of accusing the PP of inventing an article to fire sick people, "as we have been listening for weeks."

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