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The Valencian theater offers its success in the 21st edition of the Max Awards

The event took place today Monday at the SGAE Cultural Center of Valencia

Awaiting that the winners of the 21st edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards during the gala that will take place in Cartuja Center CITE of Seville, today Monday, May 28, the Territorial Council of the SGAE of the Valencian Community has gathered in the SGAE Hall Cultural Center of Valencia to all finalists with Valencian stamp. In an informal tone, the act wanted to be a celebration of the Valencian performing arts, because "getting here is already a success. Being finalists in the Max is a very important recognition and having so many Valencians among the finalists is undoubtedly a reflection of the excellent health of our scene, "said the president of the Valencian Territorial Council of SGAE, Pep Llopis. In that line, the playwright Juan Luis Mira, who was responsible for conducting the event, said: "Being a finalist in the Max is already a prize and, in general, allows some montages can be relaunched or get more performances."

The performing arts of the Valencian Community are present in most of the 19 contest categories of this 21st edition of the Max Awards. So, for example, in the Musical or Lyric Show figure the work TIC Tac, directed by Carles Alberola and produced by the Diputació de València and the Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC). Precisely, the deputy of Theaters, Rosa Pérez, recalled that from the first moment "we were very clear that the Diputació de València should bet on the Valencian productions and for the joint work with the IVC. Recognitions of this type certify that we were not wrong. " The general director of the IVC, Abel GuarinosHe also expressed his satisfaction because TIC Tac it is "a montage in which many Valencian professionals have participated. In addition, thanks to the presence of TIC Tac Enter the finalists of the Max, there will be a replacement of the work in Valencia during the next Christmas. " They were also present Noèlia Pérez Y Josep Zapater, who compete as finalists in the category of Musical Composition for Scenic Spectacle for his work in TIC Tac.

The play Olea, of the company Visitants of Vila-real, opt for individual statues in the categories of Street Show Y Illumination design (in this case, for the work of Ernest Cell). Accompanied by the playwright and actress Sonia Alejo and the aforementioned Ernest Celda, the director of the company, Tomás Ibáñez, congratulated the SGAE Foundation for including among the contest categories the one aimed at recognizing street theater. "It is a long vindication, because this theater did not have the visibility that it deserved in the set of the scenic arts. Therefore, it is always important to highlight the work of those professionals who use public space for theater creation, "he said. Kiti Kraft, Assembly Border Written and directed by Jaume Policarpo, compete in the section of Show for Children, Youth or Family Public.

With the work Cursed autumn, the company The Subterranea has reached the final of the Max in the categories of Revelation Show Y Revelation Authorship (for the joint text of Lucía Sáez, Ester Martínez Y Lucia Abellán). Sáez thanked the support of Unstable Space and the great involvement in the assembly of Paco Zarzoso, with whom the three authors share the address. "It was an act of great generosity. And finally, together we managed to merge their universe with ours, "he explained.

Also the Valencian Isabel Requena a gap has been made in the list of finalists, in Costume Design, for his work on the job The verí of the theater, of the Companyia Teatre Micalet, to which he thanked that they had her for this project. By last, The Pavana Companyia Theatrical He has reached the final with two of his shows: Ivan and the dogs, in the category of Main actor (for the performance of Nacho Sánchez), Y On the shore, in the category of Adaptation or Version of Theatrical Work (for the text of Angel Solo Y Adolfo Fernández, from the original of Rafael Chirbes). On the shore is a co-production in which, apart from La Pavana, the Diputació de València has also participated, together with the National Dramatic Center Y Emilia Yagüe Productions. Ivan and the dogs, finally, has been co-produced with The Scenic Nau and has the collaboration of City Council of Sagunto and the sponsorship of the IVC.

In addition to the 19 contest categories, this year three special prizes will be awarded, as the presenter of the event, Juan Luis Mira, recalled: Max of Honor, with which the career of the Valencian dramatist and theater director is recognized José Sanchis Sinisterra; Max Amateur or Social Character, this time for Dance Mobile; Y Special Max of the Public, which will be known once the voting period ends on Tuesday, May 29.

A recognition for the theatrical profession

Organized by the SGAE Foundation since 1998, the Max Awards, whose award is designed by the poet and artist Joan Brossa (Barcelona-1919/1999), promoter of one of the renewing collectives of post-war Spanish art, has been consolidated over these years as the broadest recognition in the field of Performing Arts in Spain. The awards ceremony of the 21st edition will be held on June 18 at the Cartuja Center CITE cultural space in Seville.

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