The Secretary of State for Tourism has made available to the sector a new guide of sanitary recommendations against COVID-19 directed specifically to ski and mountain resorts and whose main objective is to prevent infections between workers and clients.

"With the publication of this guide, we continue a coordinated work with the Autonomous Communities, businessmen and unions of the sector to provide us with a common security protocol that also aspires to be an international benchmark", said the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés . "This is the best instrument to accompany the opening of ski resorts," continues Valdés.

This manual has been prepared by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality, commissioned by the Secretary of State for Tourism, and has had the collaboration of the Tourist Association of Ski and Mountain Resorts, the Catalan Association of Ski Resorts and Activities de Montaña, territorial sector organizations, in addition to having been agreed with the Spanish Association of Labor Prevention Services, PRLInnovación, and with the CCOO and UGT unions. The resulting document has the validation of the Ministry of Health.

Preventive measures

The protocol contemplates as general measures the planning of work tasks, guaranteeing the safety distance, the identification of workers who are especially sensitive to the risk of contagion and the supply of adequate individual protection equipment for employees, who should be given time and the means for proper hand hygiene.

The guide recommends daily natural ventilation of the facilities for as long as possible, disinfecting work clothes and preventing workers from sharing work tools and transport vehicles.

It also advises installing hand disinfection points for visitors, promoting the online sale of passes, installing screens when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from customers at the ticket office and disinfecting rented equipment such as poles, skis, boots, etc. between each use, as well as the lockers and all the facilities for common use, among other measures.

This guide is added to the twenty protocols published in the summer and that will serve as the basis for the development of a safety standard in the tourism industry to reduce COVID infections, once work has begun to convert them in ISO standards.

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