Unicaja Banco, within the framework of the renewal of the agreement it maintains with the Andalusian Business Confederation (CEA), will enable a financing line of 1,000 million euros, as well as a specific offer of financial products and services, under advantageous conditions, to undertake investments, address new markets and facilitate the activity of the more than 150,000 autonomous professionals and companies of the Community that are part of the Andalusian employers.

This new collaboration agreement, which has been signed by the president of Unicaja Banco, Manuel Azuaga, and by the president of the Confederation of Andalusian Businessmen, Javier González de Lara, reinforces the existing relationship between both entities for more than 20 years aimed at achieving the common objectives of favor the business fabric, facilitate the economic, social and environmental boost, and support employment in the Andalusian Community.

The company in general, and the SME in particular, continue to be one of the key collectives of Unicaja Banco's policy, especially with regard to Andalusia. Thus, the entity has as one of its priority business axes the financing of companies, determinant to boost the economy and create employment.

Products and services with advantageous conditions

The new agreement also includes a line of microloans aimed at promoting self-employment through the granting of small loans to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or professionals with viable initiatives. Thus, they will have a maximum amount of 25,000 euros, with which they can finance up to 90% of the project presented.

Among other specific financial products and services, under advantageous conditions, which are included in this collaboration agreement, are the following:

  • Passive products: through the specialized products of the Professional Zero Business Plan and the Autonomous Professional Zero Plan, as well as treasury management for self-employed workers and companies through accounts, investment funds or private banking.
  • Financing operations: through the Financing services (Unicaja Confirming products, real estate and furniture leasing, factoring and investment in assets via Renting), financing for working capital, for investment in new projects, foreign trade, ICO 2019 lines and the First Company Loan for the promotion of self-employment through viable initiatives.
  • Other products and services for companies: channeling of subsidies and official credits, means of payment, payment of taxes, supply of real estate, etc.
  • International business: foreign trade, financing, currencies and services.
  • Digital banking: UniVía services (Unicaja Banco digital banking), mobile applications such as Unipay Bizum, mobility solutions and management services.
  • Insurance and pension plans with broad coverage and benefits.

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