Ceuta has two neighborhoods very ancient and emblematic such as Manzanera and Villajovita, which currently "have suffered a high degree of neglect for several years," as VOX Ceuta warns. For this reason, the party will propose in the next Plenary of the Assembly to allocate a budget item to the rehabilitation, maintenance and painting of the facades of the houses in both areas.

VOX Ceuta points out that these are neighborhoods with decades of history, whose appearance today is one of "total abandonment, with smashed steel and deteriorated facades", among other deficiencies. "They are in a state of almost abandonment, neglect and lack of care," argues the training led by Juan Sergio Redondo, who add that "to all this we must add the different pests of insects and rodents that the residents of these neighborhoods suffer", which are increased in times of heat.

VOX Ceuta states that, in the case of the Manzanera neighborhood, “you can see cracks in several of its blocks, buildings where cornices have fallen and a network of wiring that can be glimpsed in any of its blocks, in addition to the state of the asphalt of its streets ”. Regarding the Villajovita neighborhood, the formation indicates: "We find a similar picture, with a deplorable state of the sewage system, clogged as a result of the accumulation of garbage that prevents the entry and drainage of water in an appropriate way." For all these reasons, the party also proposes the development of a general intervention plan in both neighborhoods, "which eliminates all the deficiencies exposed in this proposal, as well as any other of special relevance that may arise."

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