Dismantled the Canary Islands chapter of the Hells Angels biker gang

The criminal organization engaged in various illicit activities such as the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of drugs and extortion and security in hostess clubs

Among those arrested were two individuals with international arrest warrants, one of them for a six-year sentence in France for pimping and the other, a member of the "Pink Panter" criminal group dedicated to robberies and robberies.

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency within the framework of the joint operation called "JABALÍ-VULCANO", has dismantled a criminal organization based in Tenerife led by the Canary Islands Chapter of the motorcycle group HELLS ANGELS, arresting 6 of the members.

The operation has proceeded to the registration of 6 properties, intervening two highly sophisticated marijuana plantations in the towns of Guargacho and Garachico and a marijuana consumption premises located in the area of ​​greatest tourist concurrence on the Adeje coast, owned by one of the detainees
The investigation began in September of last year and has had the support of police and customs authorities from Denmark, Norway and Germany.
Among the detainees of various nationalities – two German citizens, a Pole, a French, a Serb and a Spaniard -, all of them with different police and judicial backgrounds, was an individual who performed custody functions of one of the marijuana plantations and that he had a request issued by the Serbian authorities for his extradition, since he was identified as a member of the most important criminal group in history dedicated to robberies and robberies, Pink Panter.
Another of the detainees had an international arrest warrant from the French authorities for crimes related to pimping.
Thanks to the investigation carried out, the agents have been able to verify that the main means of illicit financing used by the members of Hells Angels of the Canary Islands and their support groups, was the cultivation, elaboration and distribution of narcotic substances and to coerce and control certain labor sectors such as tattoo businesses or the security of hostess clubs.
From the records carried out, the following have been intervened:
  • More than 1,000 marijuana plants.
  • Numerous quantity of marijuana ready for drying and ready for distribution.
  • Large quantity of specific material for the intensive indoor cultivation, treatment, elaboration and distribution of marijuana and its derivatives.
  • 7 prohibited weapons (two air rifles, a taser pistol, an extendable fiber defense, a machete and two knives).
  • A GPS beacon.
  • 20 electronic devices, for analysis.
The operation has been developed by the Information Service of the Civil Guard, members of the DAVA of the Tax Agency, Citizen Security Units of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Command, Traffic Group, SEPRONA, GRS-8, Cynological Service and Unit of Helicopters.
The operation has been coordinated by the Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office and the Examining Court No. 2 of Granadilla de Abona.


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