VOX Ceuta is going to support the initiative of supplementing, with at least 200 euros a month, the benefits of those Ceuta employees who are affected by an ERTE and who are receiving 70% of their salary. The measure, which the Government intends to adopt when it receives part of the 16,000 million euros announced by the Executive of the Nation for the autonomous communities, was proposed by the UGT and CCOO and is in line with the tenth proposal of the 'Let's Protect Spain' Program that VOX presented at the start of the Alarm State.

VOX then proposed the assumption of payment by the State and for three months, of the amount of payroll for all workers. Something that, in the case of the self-employed, the party advocated that it be carried out with the payment of an amount equivalent to the average level of its turnover in the previous three months. For this reason, the training understands that this measure presented by the unions and supported by the Government is "less ambitious" because it only collects workers for others and does not assume the total amount of income as proposed by VOX. However, the party believes that the initiative "partially captures the spirit" of its program and therefore will not oppose it.

Of course, the party insists that it considers this measure "insufficient", which would be applied as of the third month, and which will reach some 3,000 workers. For this reason, VOX Ceuta assures that it will continue to demand "that all workers be protected without distinction, both self-employed and employed workers, as our Protect Spain program establishes."

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